Resealable bags

Bag it up! Small parts such as screws; fragile goods such as device components and important documents and papers will find a safe place in film pouches. Water drips off, dust stays outside, vibrations won't break the padded goods. Don't leave anything to chance and protect each and every part of your package properly!

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Seal bags – small items safely packaged, everything safely on its way

Who has the time or the nerves to search for small parts or accessories in a parcel delivery? And who has the money to constantly replace return deliveries due to broken boxes or components? Film pouches, which are available in various designs, solve both challenges in a simple way.

Which seal bags are used for which contents?

You start by choosing a film pouch according to the volume of the contents, followed by the purpose of the packaging and last of all according to the fragility of the goods. Flat pouches without a fixed seal can be used in the most versatile way – for small screws as accessories for furniture, for delivery papers etc.

Fragile components such as circuit boards must be appropriately padded and are therefore best placed in bubble wrap bags. In this case, it is important that the film surrounds the component without much room for movement, and that it is antistatic.

If, for example, you want to store certain small parts used for assembly in the correct quantity and combination in open fronted storage bins in the warehouse, it is worth using pressure seal bags as packaging material, because you can use them again and again.

What does the film thickness say about the film pouch?

In the same way that you choose cardboard boxes according to the weight and structure of the contents of the package, the film thickness in microns indicates how heavy the contents can be before the material tears. When the thickness is 100 µm or more, even pointy screws can be transported in the bag with good protection. The container may have a rather high weight. For lighter, less problematic contents, film pouches with a thickness of 25 µm or more are perfectly adequate.

Which type of seal is optimal for foil pouches?

You decide what is optimal: A smooth opening is most versatile and can be sealed both with staples and in a durable way using a film sealing device.

The self-adhesive seals on bubble wrap bags ensure dust-proof transportation of the contents – as additional protection for fragile contents.

Grip seals can be opened and securely closed again at any time – which is always important when you intend to use film pouches for storage, for example.

What are the advantages of seal bags with a write a on panel?

These pouches can be quickly labelled with information that is easily legible on the opaque field. They are particularly suitable for in-house order picking and warehousing operations.

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