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What is, on the one hand, all important when packaging, and what is constantly underestimated on the other hand? That's right, suitable packaging accessories. So, strike while the iron's hot!

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Packaging accessories: everything you need to shrink, stretch, and secure

How is stretch film actually wrapped around the goods for shipping? And what do you always need to keep in mind when ordering shrink film? You'll find the answers in the packaging accessories category. This is where you'll find all the clever aids and helpers we have on offer to make your shipping logistics faster, better and more effective.

Which packaging accessories do I need for shrink films?

The range of products we offer includes all the essential and practical items of equipment needed to help you use the modern packaging material that is film.

Hand held heat guns are essential to use shrink film. This is because they heat the plastic material to the right temperature for it to contract and wrap pallets and containers tightly and securely. This step is essential to ensure the film forms a protective, weatherproof layer providing a strong grip for transport.

The guns are handy, safe to use, and effective. They allow your employees to shrink the films precisely and quickly, move freely around the pallet, and customise the packaging process.

Which packaging accessories are the best for stretch film?

The right amount of tension is the most important aspect when using stretch film to wrap up cardboard pallets with correctly applied webs of film. Ensuring the webs overlap and that the layers are properly aligned to form a seal will help secure the load, keep it protected from dust and dirt, and provide assurance that the goods will arrive at the customer in ideal condition.

Depending on the thickness of the film and amount of pre-stretching, this can also be done by hand. However, our handheld dispensers or dispensing aids will make this job much easier for your employees.

The guiding systems ensure the film unwinds without tangling and make it easy to wrap goods properly by allowing enough tension to be created without any great effort. You only have to make sure that you choose the right dispensing aid for the film type or roll size.

All it takes is a small investment to speed up your shipping processes and improve your balance sheet in the logistics. If you'd like us to assist you with choosing other products from our range, please contact us.

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