When it comes to packaging material, what really matters is being able to transport goods safely. At the same time, the topic of efficient packaging logistics is also assuming a more significant role. With a well thought-through choice of packaging, you can realise enormous cost savings as well. We are happy to tell you all about our products and how they are able to help you along.

How can I put together my packaging supplies efficiently?

  1. Standardisation versus individualisation: Assess your product range in terms of potential standard sizes for cardboard boxes. Often it is the case that an inadequate number of sizes were purchased in the past, causing costs to skyrocket due to additional padding. This cost factor can usually be tangibly offset by adding another cardboard box size.

  2. Innovations: Work is proceeding diligently on sustainable and cost-effective innovations in the packaging area as well. And you should make the most of this as soon as you can. Two examples from our range of products: fold-together boxes already feature a film that secures the goods, making additional padding unnecessary. The latest pre-stretched stretch film ensures that you obtain the same protection for each package while requiring less packaging supplies.

  3. Selective protection: Even when it comes large, fragile and low-density freight, packaging supplies is not always needed everywhere. Edge protection products and surface protection nets secure neuralgic points without requiring the entire shipment to be packaged in wadding, film and boxes.

  4. Material quality: It's not always necessary to have the strongest cardboard box. Check whether the weight of your package really requires the packaging supplies you are currently using, or whether a less expensive solution might be just a functional. A shopping guide to the topic of sturdy packaging can be found in the Information on folding corrugated cardboard boxes.

  5. Workflow organisation: One aspect that is frequently forgotten is that each packaging process costs valuable work time. This is why structuring the actual packaging processes more efficiently is the first way to save time. And this can usually be done with small things, like a practical stapler or dispensing aids for adhesive tapes. And when shipment is one of your daily responsibilities, then high quality tensioning and strapping devices for professional strapping are, of course, indispensable.

All in all, the best tip for sourcing your packaging supplies efficiently is the following one: Question each any every aspect, and keep an eye out for alternatives. After all: there's barely another cost item that is as easy to minimise as the packaging expenses.

Do I have to accept the return of used packaging supplies, and dispose of it?

Yes, in fact, you do. The Ordinance on the Avoidance and Recovery of Packaging Waste (or Packaging Ordinance for short) defines that commercial shippers are obliged to accept the return of packaging supplies and dispose of it.

You can now start using this ordinance to your advantage: you can reuse high quality, intact packaging supplies, and at the same time, minimise your recycling and procurement expenses.

How can we help you along?

From film pouches to packing tables, you'll find we have everything that makes packaging more straightforward and more efficient. But did you know that we can also make packaging more attractive on request? You can have your adhesive tape and strapping adorned with your logo, or an individual print, when you buy it from us. Furthermore, we also have special products for particularly sensitive goods being sent out within our product range, such as bubble wrap and foam padded film, or stretch film. And you'll also find a lot of additional information about stretch film and its uses in our shopping guide.

As always, we are happy to help you in person with all other concerns, requests or enquiries you might have. Simply contact us!

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