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Adhesive tapes

Do you know how many different ways there are to glue a package shut? More different types of adhesive tape than you would believe: single-sided, double-sided, waterproof or printed, self-adhesive, colour or wet-adhesive... because it is a visible hallmark of quality for a company, and decisive for problem-free transport.

In the category Adhesive tapes we offer you products of the following brands: tesa, EUROKRAFTbasic.

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Stick it on, stick it in place, stick it shut.
Adhesive tapes are used for all sorts of different purposes. Primarily for packaging, but also for repairs and for marking objects. Of course, not only are there differences in colour and shape, but above all in strength, dimensions and the packaging unit. There are different types of adhesive tape suitable for the place of use, and the material properties of the surfaces to be stuck together. We have included these for you in the range of products in the shop. And we also paid attention to offering adhesive tapes of high quality: tear resistant and durable. And please, by all means order in bulk, because you can store these tapes for long periods.