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As anyone who regularly packages goods will know: adhesive tape dispensers and adhesive tape rollers can really make things much easier, because they save you time – as well as nerves. So do something good for yourself and choose the right professional device for your needs!

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Adhesive tape dispensers and adhesive tape rollers – you've earned our gratitude!
They say that there are people who actually enjoy wrapping up presents. If you are a member of this species: Congratulations – you're going to love our adhesive tape dispensers and adhesive tape rollers for professional use! More likely you are one of the approximately 99% of people who get completely stressed shortly before Christmas, losing their nerves at home because they still have a few packages waiting to be wrapped – and the five minutes they planned for this task quickly turn into half an hour or more: several scraps of adhesive tape stuck to your left hand, while the right hand is desperately looking for the end of the adhesive tape... this is when you need a third hand to hold the package. Or an assistant who can take care of this onerous task for you. But wait a minute... in this case, we can also say: Congratulations – you'll love our adhesive tape dispensers and adhesive tape rollers! They are, after all, the perfect assistant for every job in the shipping and packaging area. So perfect in fact that you'll no longer want to not get wrapping.

Which adhesive tape dispenser do you like best?
If you don't have any specific demands of your new adhesive tape dispenser or adhesive tape roller, then you're certain to be completely satisfied with one of our standard models for daily use, for example one our numerous tabletop dispensers. All you have to do is consider the respective tape width of the device, and order any accessories required at the same time. And in case you do have specific demands, you'll also find we've a product to make you happy: from semi-automatic gummed tape dispensers to protective film dispensers, we have all sorts of alternatives for you on offer. Simply contact us, we're happy to provide you with advice!