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Stretch film and its different types
Transparent stretch films are highly elastic, easy to stretch and are available as self adhesive films to make them particularly practical to affix. The use of polyethylene not only makes the packaging material elastic, but also more environmentally friendly, as it can be manufactured using little energy, and the PE film can be recycled and made into new plastic products. The pallet cover sheets made of low density polyethylene also protect goods from the effects of bad weather. The films made of high pressure polyethylene are available in black, and in a transparent white colour. The stretch film usually comes on a roll. Film dispensers make wrapping pallets with the stretch wrap even easier. Our online shop offers suitable protective films for all different types of uses.Hand stretch film on a roll is easy to use for wrapping when a hand dispenser is available. The dispensers that we offer for this purpose are manufactured to satisfy ergonomic requirements. There are mini stretch films available for packaging smaller objects, which are offered in a set with small and practical dispensers. Last but not least, KAISER+KRAFT offers a reliable machine stretch film to ensure dispatch can proceed quickly and without interruptions when using large volume mechanical packaging equipment.

Safe transport using stretch film
To ensure that individual cardboard boxes do not slip and slide on pallets and become damaged, the use of stretch film has proven to be particularly reliable. Using the practical PE film, pallets that are completely loaded can be cleverly wrapped before being handed over to others for transport. When fragile goods are being shipped in particular, protection using bubble wrap inside the package is often inadequate. Even small irregularities in the base are enough to cause a package to fall from the parcel truck. Stretch film, in contrast, fixes the packages in place next to each other, and doesn't easily tear even when the load is heavy. When sending high quality goods, the use of stretch film certainly pays off. Don't leave safe transport to chance – remember to secure and protect your goods.

Stretch film

Like a second skin: stretch film is the solution for securing, packaging and protecting your shipments. They not only keep wind and weather out, but they also ensure your goods are properly secured to the pallet.
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Shrink film
80 mm wide, pack of 2
Ex. VAT from 56.30
Shrink film
600 mm wide
Ex. VAT 173.50
PE stretch film
film width 450 mm, pack of 6
Ex. VAT from 58.00
Shrink film
500 mm wide
Ex. VAT from 132.50
PE stretch film
film width 500 mm, pack of 6
Ex. VAT from 64.50
PE stretch film set
6 rolls of stretch film, 1 manual dispenser
Ex. VAT 145.40
Ex. VAT 66.80
PE manual stretch film
pack of 6 rolls, 300 m each
Ex. VAT from 102.00
PE machine stretch film
pack of 45, 1+ packs
Ex. VAT from 2,580.00
PE machine stretch film
pack of 45, 2+ packs
Ex. VAT from 2,205.00
Mini stretch film set
1 dispenser, 10 rolls of film
Ex. VAT from 55.20
Stretch film
mini rolls, pack of 10 rolls
Ex. VAT from 46.90
Ex. VAT 68.00
Film cover sheet
Ex. VAT from 80.90
Ex. VAT from 90.20
PE flat film
thickness 100 µm
Ex. VAT from 44.55
PE flat film
thickness 150 µm
Ex. VAT 111.40
PE flat film
thickness 200 µm
Ex. VAT from 73.90
PE flat film
thickness 50 µm
Ex. VAT from 90.20
Shrink film
100 mm wide, pack of 2
Ex. VAT from 69.20
Shrink film
200 mm wide
Ex. VAT from 84.40
Shrink film
300 mm wide
Ex. VAT from 100.80
Shrink film
400 mm wide
Ex. VAT from 140.60
Shrink film
700 mm wide
Ex. VAT 179.40
Shrink film
800 mm wide
Ex. VAT 193.50
26 items found
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