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A coat hanger is more than just a coat hanger: they can be made of wood, plastic or metal, be suitable for dresses, coats, suits, trousers, shirts or accessories, come in black, white, and red, be modern or restrained in design... But one thing is always certain: coat hangers make an impression – and that's why you should take a second look before making up your mind.

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Coat hangers of different types : unwrinkled is just the start

Whether customers, visitors or employees: everyone is happy to have a place where they can hang up their jackets and coats without creasing them. Coat hangers are therefore an essential item of company equipment. However, the right choice of coat hanger is important.

What role do the material and shape of the coat hangers play?

Different designs and materials achieve different practical and visual effects when it comes to coat hangers.

Slim, timelessly elegant coat hangers made of metal or wood are best for coat racks in customer areas, waiting rooms and entrances. They are ideal for hanging up coats temporarily and are also an aesthetically pleasing utensil.

For employees who spend the whole day in the company and would also like to hang up scarves or extra cardigans, for example, go for wider, sturdier coat hangers – ideally with a trouser rail.

If employees change into uniforms or protective clothing in the changing room, a coat hanger that is as comprehensive as possible with plenty of room to hang things up is essential. A classic coat hanger with a laundry net is a good choice in this case.

If showering after work is part of employees’ regular routine, it is best to also equip staff lockers with a towel rail that allows towelling to dry quickly.

What else does a coat rack need besides coat hangers?

In the customer area or an entrance, you can make a coat rack complete not only with the right coat hangers, but also with umbrella stands and stylish decorative details. A pretty waste paper bin rounds off the reception corner for jackets and co. In this case, it is important for the user to be able to stow their coats, jackets and accessories – and feel comfortable doing so.

A proper employee cloakroom can be more practical – and more comfortable. Getting dressed, changing clothes or changing shoes is best done on cloakroom benches. A separate clothes locker and ample space for storing clothes are particularly important here.

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