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Secure your valuables in a safe! The best place for important documents, money and valuables used to be in mattresses and socks. Nowadays we prefer to lock our documents, valuables and weapons in security boxes located in our own homes. Take advantage of our wide collection of builty-in safety boxes, depository safe boxes, cash drawers and money safes. Many sizes and styles available at KAISER+KRAFT

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Safes: Ensuring sticky fingers miss out

Would your important personal and company documents be protected if there were a fire or major catastrophe? Are your valuables safe from sticky fingers? The answer is always yes with safes and security boxes offered by KAISER+KRAFT. Our product line offers high-security at-home safes designed to protect your valuables from the unknown.

Security criteria to help you choose a safe

Locks and keys alone usually won't keep important documents and valuable items safe and sound. At least this is the how insurance companies typically see it. They provide specific safety criteria for valuables, which is where safes become necessary to meet that criteria.

The two most important threats are burglary protection and fire protection. The material, including all connections and locks, must be able to withstand a certain amount of blunt force for a certain amount of time. This is known as resistance units (RU), which are defined in more detail in the EU standard 1143-1. We offer data safes and security cupboards that provide a high level of resistance to fire and extinguisher water that meet he EU standard EN 1047-1.

Depending on the content, or the purpose for which the security boxes are used, these factors play a different role when making a decision. Lower safety classes will suffice for files that only need to be kept safe from unauthorised access. The same applies for a cash box, which is only used for storing and avoiding petty theft.

We have compiled two purchasing guides for you, which contains the most important information about the important safety criteria. Learn more about: Selecting the right safe or Purchasing guide to safes.

Which safes should I use for valuables?

When it comes to personal items of value, built-in furniture safes or similar compact steel safety cupboards are always the best choice due to their high security standards and features. The greatest advantages of these products is that they can be perfectly integrated into existing office furniture and therefore can be concealed. Many of our products can be embedded in furniture or anchored to the wall for added security.

Anchoring a safe is important because it is a key factor that insurance companies require when submitting a claim. If you need clarification, it's definitely worth asking your insurance company for more information.

To ensure you're making the right choice, you should answer the following questions beforehand: What needs to be stored and to what extent? What size does the safe need to be? When speaking with your insurance company, you should ask which security levels are appropriate and what safety standards must you comply with? Are keys or electronic locks the better choice for me? How and where should I locate the safe in the office?

If data protection is an important topic for you – for example, in a doctors' practice – then you'll also find that KAISER+KRAFT also offers lockable suspension filing cabinets and similar products for data protection.

What should I do with an old, worn-out safe?

One important feature of secure safes is the weight. This will present as a challenge when you want to replace your worn-out safe with a newer version. If you want to be clever about it, then utilize the safe service offered by KAISER+KRAFT. We are always happy to explain this service in-person or online.

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