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Key account advantages

What makes us appealing to our key accounts? Our guiding principles of sustainability, project management, e-procurement, logistics consulting and European presence are reasons for customers who have made KAISER+KRAFT a preferred supplier, because they too are seeking to be more ecologically balanced and because we offer highly efficient ordering processes.

Sustainability and field marketing

Within the scope of field marketing, key accounts can be continuously serviced by an expert advisor, who assists in evaluating, maintaining and optimising the assortment. This usually goes hand-in-hand with a previously executed framework agreement, in which our service package has been defined. With the adviser and our additional services such as maintenance, CAD planning and custom-made models, projects can be promptly implemented on-site, according to individual requirements.


The focus on sustainability within our company offers a significant advantage to our key accounts. For example, their employees demand, ergonomic office furniture, which has not been painted with environmentally hazardous paints, but rather products which have been certified as “green”. In order to satisfy such requirements, KAISER+KRAFT offers products from the performance brand EUROKRAFT active green. These products enable customers to specify their CO2-footprint through the ascertainment of data and thus also benefit from an improved ecological profile. Environmental impact is also greatly reduced through the CO2-neutral shipping of all our items.


The various forms of e-procurement offered by KAISER+KRAFT streamline the ordering process and provide individual solutions tailored to each customer's unique requirements. Key accounts benefit here from the integration of our product assortment with their own resource planning system. This makes it possible for employees from various departments of the company to order directly, whilst a manager (if necessary) can still ultimately approve or reject such orders before we process a collective order.

International presence

Like us, many of our framework contract customers are represented with branches throughout Europe. If they have chosen KAISER+KRAFT as their supplier in the various countries, they have the advantage of being able to order a product using the same item number in every country. This not only simplifies the ordering process itself, but the maintenance of inventories as well.

The ADVANTAGE for you

We offer all of these services, because the needs of our customers are the driving force of our business. Small companies as well as international key accounts are discovering the advantages offered by KAISER+KRAFT.


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