The best tips for the new open air office

Outdoors is the news indoors


Thoughts stray, eyes are sore, the body wants motion. After hours in an office chair, most employees only want one thing: To get out into the fresh air.

What we know instinctively has long been scientifically proven: A stimulating environment, oxygen, light and physical activity help us stay creative and productive. The idea behind this is not, of course, to offer employees maximum entertainment during their working hours so that they leave their tasks unattended. But: How can an outdoor break be put into practice in everyday working life?

Turn the outdoors into a new indoors: By inviting your employees to leave the office setting with a well-designed and pleasant outdoor area. No matter whether it’s a roof terrace, garden or courtyard – every open space opens up a wide range of possibilities, far beyond the mere planning of breaks.

We have compiled the best tips for your new open-air office here.

5 steps for creating an enticing outdoor area

The large corporations are showing how modern outdoor facilities can look: Microsoft and Amazon, for example, installed meeting rooms in tree houses, and Facebook created a large roof garden for its employees. Such large-scale projects are of course not realistic for most SMEs. But even with a smaller budget, the potential of your outdoor space can be fully harnessed.

We will show you which equipment is important and how to design a performance-enhancing and beautiful outdoor area one step at a time. Please do not be discouraged if you do not have a large open space. You will be surprised how quickly a strip of grass next to the entrance can be transformed into a feel-good area. Size is not important either. Rather, what counts is a functional and a well-thought-out design.

Keep in mind! During the planning phase, please ask yourself the question: How will the area be used? Your answer to this question is crucial for the final design. The following aspects could be on your list: Our Outdoor Space should …

  • To enable workers to exercise
  • Have spaces that encourage creativity
  • A place for colleagues to have lunch together
  • Appropriate for outdoor meetings
  • Reflects the corporate image
  • Will be a good substitute for the desk in summer
  • Can be a space for hosting after-work events
  • Instigates informal discussions

Tip: Involve your employees as well. Perhaps there are ideas that you hadn’t considered at first.

Relax outside and recharge your batteries

Actually there is only one golden rule for your break: Leave the desk! Whether your employees do the same or prefer to spend their time in front of their computer screen or eat in the break room is something you will unfortunately hardly be able to influence – because breaks are leisure time. Therefore, you cannot predefine how the ideal break should be arranged, but you can set a good example.

Keeping your premises safe & clean

Your outdoor area will only be shown to its best advantage if it is always maintained and cared for. To ensure that you and your employees can use the outdoor area without hesitation, you should also consider a few safety aspects.

Tip: Include your employees as well. Perhaps there are needs that you would not have thought of initially.

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