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11 tips for working from home successfully


More and more companies are offering their staff the option to work from home. But this brings its own challenges. In order to be really productive at home, it’s not enough just to sit down and flip open a laptop. Home workspaces should be well set up and the working day well organised so that staff are able to establish a new working routine.

To make sure that you and your staff can work effectively within your own four walls, we provide you with useful tips on how to kit out your workspace, organise your working day and work together virtually with your colleagues.

Essential equipment for a home workspace

First of all, you should find an area of your home in which can concentrate and where you can have good posture whilst working. If you set up your workspace well, it will be easier for you to make the mental switch to “office mode” when you sit down to work, and allow you to switch off again at the end of the day. These four tips will help you to get to grips with the challenges of working from home:

How to organise your working day effectively

Once you have a properly equipped home office, there is nothing to stop you having a productive day at work. At least in theory – the reality is often a different matter due to distractions and a lack of routine. The following four tips help you to organise your working day at home effectively:

How to work with your colleagues virtually

When everyone in the company is working from home, working together as a team can be challenging. These three tips will help you to cooperate successfully even when you are all in different locations.

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