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6 tips for efficient warehouse management


Regardless of whether it’s a simple postroom or a high-tech hall – the materials warehouse is the hub of activity at your business. This also makes it one of the main cost factors. Added to this is the fact that small and medium-sized companies in particular often invest a lot – too much? – working hours in warehouse management.

Whether you organise your warehouse and the processes carried out there efficiently impacts the entire value creation chain. This is why regularly scrutinising your warehouse management and modifying it when necessary is of key importance. Your goal: a suitably equipped warehouse that saves you money and saves you time.

What requirements do SMEs have of their warehouse management system?

Medium-sized companies do business differently to large corporations. They therefore have specific requirements of an optimum warehouse:

  • The warehouse should function with a small number of staff
  • Even confined spaces should be utilised in the best possible way
  • Unnecessarily high costs due to material storage need to be avoided
  • Daily warehouse management should take as little time as possible

In short: the perfect warehouse should represent a perfectly functioning cog within the well-oiled machine that is your company, without throwing a spanner in the works. This is the best way to save valuable resources such as employees, commercial space and your capital.

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What really matters in the warehouse: 6 practical tips.

You can find many different methods and approaches when it comes to warehouse optimisation. But which ones are really relevant for SMEs? We have put together the most useful tips for you. All suggestions are easy to implement in small to medium-sized companies and will enable you to recognise and exploit opportunities to improve your depot.

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