E-Business at KAISER+KRAFT


When e-commerce became a major topic in European trade in 1999 KAISER+KRAFT was well prepared. In 1995, we had already started to electronically record our workshop, office and warehouse equipment in a media neutral database, a “product information system” (PIM). At present, more than 80,000 products are available electronically. Since 1997, online shop contents and e-procurement catalogues have been produced “at the touch of a button” using this database. A special Data Maintenance Team was even formed to generate, maintain and further develop the product data. Due to many years of experience, the catalogue contents have been improved in quality on a continuous basis. Product text, attributes, graphics and additional key words at item level that help our customers find products are supplemented on a constant basis. The benefits of an e-procurement system depend greatly on the quality of the product data. As an international mail order company, KAISER+KRAFT bears a high degree of responsibility for our customers. Effectively managing this responsibility is, and will continue to be a core competence at KAISER+KRAFT.

Should you have any questions, our e-commerce/e-procurement team is available at all times.


We have been successfully working together with a number of well-known large companies for many years now.

These include

E-Business abb
E-Business tis
E-Business ens
E-Business ips

Key Account Advantages

What makes us appealing to our key accounts? Our guiding principles of sustainability, project management, e-procurement, logistics consulting and European presence are reasons for customers who have made KAISER+KRAFT a preferred supplier, because they too are seeking to be more ecologically balanced and because we offer highly efficient ordering processes.


Take advantage of the numerous options and benefits of our shop system. In additional to a web shop for individual customer requirements (customised web) we also have an SAP-OCI web shop and an Ariba PunchOut web shop. The choice is yours.

Customized Web

The individual alternative for optimised material sourcing without e-procurement system.

We offer our Customized Web customers individual conditions and ranges and, if requested, their own company logo on the website of KAISER+KRAFT. In addition to individual budget limits, you can flexibly manage the users here too. On request, other specific adaptations can be made as well.

  • Comprehensive and very easy search options
  • Detailed product data incl. pictures and descriptions
  • Management of order templates
  • Management of delivery and billing addresses
  • Order history with lots of intelligent functions


Do you use SAP and want to integrate our web shop with your system via OCI (Open Catalog Interface)? No problem. You can use our SAP-OCI web shop to set up your own order templates and apply them in your SAP system before you send orders to us from your SAP system. We will gladly customise the SAP-OCI web shop to meet your individual wishes and requirements. The individual prices as well as product data and ranges stored for you are available in the web shop and are transferred to the OCI interface.

We currently support the formats OCI 2.0 – 5.0


In addition to the OCI web shop, we can also provide you with an Ariba PunchOut web shop. You can use it to transfer the corresponding product information to your enterprise resource planning system. Your specific prices as well as the corresponding product data and ranges are stored here as well.


E-Procurement – Tailored exactly to your needs

Save valuable time and costs with a custom-fit e-procurement connection to your SAP system (SAP-OCI) or other systems (e.g. Ariba Punch out). Our experts will help you to optimise specifically your material procurement and save costs through your individual conditions.

Years of experience, continual improvement of around 80,000 products and our flexible database have been the pillars of success in terms of e-procurement for KAISER+KRAFT.

Our items have standard classifications such as eCl@ss and UNSPSC (all versions), but we would also be happy to use your classifications or goods groups. Various UOM sets are at your disposal. If desired, we can help protect the environment by process you orders and invoices electronically. It's entirely up to you!

Data format examples:

  • BMEcat
  • CIF
  • Excel
  • XML
  • ... further customer-specific formats

All standard formats as well as your own catalogue formats are supported.

Do you have any questions about e-procurement?
Contact Ms Mix and the team here: e-procurement@kaiserkraft.ie

Electronic data interchange (EDI) – Integration

Many years of experience in the electronic interchange of business documents (EDI), such as customer orders, order confirmations, despatch advice and customer invoices, with our customers have made us experts in this field. We have developed standardised interfaces for this purpose. The integration into our enterprise resource planning system saves customers with a large order volume valuable time and costs. The focus of all the activities is particularly on the transparent and comprehensive electronic mapping of business processes.

We have already successfully integrated numerous customer e-procurement systems as well as various market places, and we have continually added to our expertise in this field.

In addition to the formats mentioned above, customer-specific data formats are also available. Talk to us! Our experts from the e-commerce/e-procurement team have no doubt got a suitable solution for your business. Here is how to contact us.

Market places

The electronic KAISER+KRAFT catalogue is now available at several market places. These include open as well as closed systems, such as:

E-Business iba
E-Business rer
E-Business teo
E-Business all
  • A company of KAISER+KRAFT, Hoffmann Group, Keller&Kalmbach, Hagemeyer
  • Multi-supplier platform
  • Free use for all customers