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Stacks of files that keep getting higher, countless memos, photos from the last holiday and unwashed coffee cups – that’s what many desks look like. Even though there are studies that conclude that an untidy workplace stimulates creativity, there are still some arguments that speak for a well organised environment.

The Fraunhofer Institute found out that up to one third of the time spent working in offices is wasted with activities that do not create value. Badly organised desks, where employees are constantly searching for the right document, play a major role in the poor efficiency of workplaces like this. This is easy to avoid – let us show you how.

Why is desk organisation so important?

At first glance, spending time organising your desk might seem counterproductive. After all, you could get more work done instead. However, a well organised desk has all sorts of benefits:

  • You will work more productively if you have all your working materials within reach.
  • You are more productive and can concentrate better if you don’t have to stop work to search for things.
  • You can move more freely when there is enough space on your desk.
  • A tidy and organised desk will make a professional impression on customers and work colleagues.
  • You’ll help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses if your desk is cleaned regularly.

Six simple steps to a perfectly organised desk

Many employees would like to have a tidy and well organised desk, but don’t even know where to start. We can help you to overcome this hurdle. In six simple steps, you can organise your desk to keep it clean and tidy for the long term.

What is the best way to clean electronic equipment on the desk?

Where do most bacteria and viruses accumulate in the office? After yesterday’s coffee cup, the telephone is the most fertile breeding ground for germs. We’re explaining how to clean this and other office utensils properly right here.

We hope that the tips in this article will help you to keep your workplace clean and pleasant to work at. We are always happy to provide you with advice about the most suitable office equipment, cleaning products and sanitary supplies.

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