Attractive and healthy jobs thanks to ergonomic workplace equipment

Walking twenty kilometres a day, sometimes carrying a heavy load. It sounds like training for a triathlon, but is all in a day’s work for those with jobs in logistics. And they’re not the only ones – tradespeople, bakers, construction workers and technicians carry out hard physical work every day, often in noisy environments which have a negative impact on hearing. Meanwhile, office workers risk eye strain from hours of staring at a screen.

These hard workers deserve comprehensive support, which includes investing in things that make work healthier.

By providing an ergonomic working environment, an employer demonstrates that they value their staff. Ergonomic equipment enables workers to stay healthy and productive, and also makes physically demanding jobs more appealing. All of this is important given the challenges posed by an ageing workforce and a shortage of young people with vocational qualifications.

Here, we look at:

  • How the world of work is changing due to developments such as demographic change and the waning popularity of vocational careers
  • The challenges associated with this and
  • How companies can overcome these challenges using ergonomic workplace equipment.

Demographic change and more people going to university – how the world of work is changing

Europe has an ageing population thanks to low birth rates and high life expectancy. In 2020, the average age of Europeans was 42.5, and this could increase to over 50 by 2050.

In turn, this is changing the age structure of the labour force. Whilst the working-age population is shrinking overall, the proportion of workers aged over 50 is increasing all the time. This is trend is so pronounced that it cannot be reversed by the arrival of younger immigrants.

Another factor is the increasing numbers of young people getting university degrees rather than vocational qualifications. This is not down to money – tradespeople may earn more than their university-educated counterparts – but rather due to vocational careers having an image problem.

Attractive and healthy jobs wt$

This has consequences for industry and the skilled trades

  • The competition for skilled tradespeople on the job market is becoming more intense. Companies wanting to attract these professionals and keep them long-term need to offer more than just money.
  • Jobs in the skilled trades and in industry need to be made more attractive, despite the fact they involve getting up early and getting your hands dirty. This will ensure that more young people opt for a career in logistics, for example, or as a baker or mechanic.
  • Since many companies now have an ageing workforce, it is crucial that they adapt their work environments to the needs of older staff, thus ensuring that these individuals can continue to work effectively. At the same time, companies should also take steps to keep their younger staff fit and healthy.

Ergonomic equipment as a way to counter the shortage of skilled tradespeople

How to make work both healthier and more enjoyable for your staff
Attractive and healthy jobs wt$

Making workspaces more attractive

Modern, well-equipped and ergonomic workspaces are proof that an employer cares about their employees’ well-being. They also make work more enjoyable. Companies that can offer this are more attractive to potential employees – because after all, who doesn’t want to feel good at work? Ultimately, this boosts the image of careers in industry and the skilled trades.

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Helping staff to stay productive

Ergonomic equipment protects staff from injury, back pain, hearing damage and many other physical complaints, preventing long periods of absence or staff being declared unfit to work. It ensures employees can stay productive, whatever their age. This in turn also benefits the company financially.

Attractive and healthy jobs wt$

Making work easier for older employees

These days, we know that if you have a healthy lifestyle, you can be as fit at 65 as others are at 25. However, hearing and eyesight do generally decline as we get older, and our spines become less resilient. But these limitations can be compensated for with the right equipment. This allows older staff to bring their strengths to the table – this could be decades of experience and a wide breadth of knowledge, or greater willingness to take on responsibility.

How to improve ergonomics in the working environment

How exactly do you create an ergonomic workstation? By using the following equipment, for example:
Healthy working is something you can buy

Take advantage of the opportunity to make jobs at your company healthier and more attractive. Our online shop offers you a wide range of products to take the strain of backs, protect ears, improve interior climate and generally make your workplace a better place to be. The best thing about it: you’ll see the benefits straight away.

Tips for older employees

Does your company have an ageing workforce? This doesn’t have to be a disadvantage, especially if you follow these tips:
Attractive and healthy jobs est

Ensure staff are intellectually stimulated

Make sure your employees have enough variation in their jobs, give them the opportunity to contribute their ideas and skills, and provide them with tasks that challenge them intellectually. This helps to keep the grey matter in good working order.

Attractive and healthy jobs est

Provide training opportunities

Organise training events on health-related topics, for example on nutrition or good posture. Anti-stress seminars are also a good idea, as are exercise opportunities – these help employees to build muscle strength and lead a healthy lifestyle outside of work.

Attractive and healthy jobs est

Ask for feedback

Remember to check in with your staff regularly: Ask how they are doing and what aspects of the company they think could be improved. This shows them that you value their efforts and their input.

Attractive and healthy jobs est

Adapt work schedules

Long working hours and working different shifts can be tough even for younger members of staff. And the older we get, the more important it is for us to avoid these things and to get sufficient rest periods. This helps us to stay fit and motivated over a longer period of time.

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