7 tips for creating a natural outdoor space


More and more business owners are asking themselves how they can make a contribution to protecting the natural environment and saving resource by making changes in their company. Our advice: create an ecological outdoor area.

Not only will your employees feel at ease there, but you’ll also be doing something good for the local flora and fauna at the same time. You’ll also be making a positive impression on customers and business partners when you take responsibility and do your bit for the environment.

This article gives you handy tips on how to make your outdoor space more natural. Before we begin, let’s talk about why being more environmentally conscious about your outdoor spaces is well worth your investing in.

Why is a natural outdoor space so important?

Almost half of the surface area of our cities has been asphalted or is covered by buildings. The effects of soil sealing have a number of negative consequences for our local ecosystem:

  • Rainwater cannot seep into the ground as easily, and the groundwater level falls.
  • Soil fertility is lost, as important functions of the soil are impaired.
  • The habitat available to native plants, insects and small animals such as birds is shrinking, resulting in less biodiversity.

But not all green spaces are the same. Even a well maintained lawn cannot fulfil the same function within our ecosystem as a field of flowers in full blossom. Moreover, harmful pesticides are frequently used on lawns – not to mention their huge need for watering – in order to maintain an immaculate condition.

The design of your outdoor area is therefore an ideal opportunity to break ground, get your hands dirty, and create a natural counterpoint that makes a contribution to protecting species and saving resources.

This is why it’s worth investing in making the company grounds more natural

Your outdoor space is obviously yours. And yet the property is also part of the local ecosystem that needs to be protected. If you provide an outdoor area that has been attuned to the natural environment, this will have a positive effect on the system as a whole. In addition, you can expect some benefits for your business:

Here’s a handy check list to help you take care of your outdoor spaces properly regardless of the time of year.

Create a natural outdoor space by following these 7 tips

With these benefits in mind, it’s now time to get to work. The following tips will bring you a few steps closer to having a sustainable outdoor area for your company:

We hope the tips in this post help you create a natural outdoor space. We would be happy to advise you on the best products for your outdoor areas.

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