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5 practical tips for more well-being in the home office


Remote working has long since ceased to be a provisional solution for many. Over the next few years, the home office will increasingly compete with the corporate workplace. That's why it's high time to get yourself properly set up at home, and develop routines that make working more pleasant. Let's get off to a fresh start together this spring – with our tips for more well-being in the home office.

Give your workplace a new look.

Back when your desk was still just a place where you wrote your private correspondence or did your tax return from time to time, it didn't have to meet any particular demands. But now, it's become the hub of your working day. This is why you should conduct a critical examination of your home workplace.

  • Is the desk large enough?
  • Is it well organised or are there too many objects on it getting in the way?
  • Do you like the look of your workplace, what is the atmosphere like, do you enjoy being there?
  • Do the table and chair meet ergonomic requirements or does your back start hurting after you've been sitting a while?

Sweep the dust off your workplace this spring. Ergonomic office equipment in a fresh design is the best foundation for a sense of well-being in the home office. Accessories such as a foot rocker activate the muscles while you are sitting and disappear under the desk to save space during time off. Clever aids such as a flexible tablet holder also enhance your workplace and are simply a pleasure to use.

Get moving.

Hunching over the monitor for hours to see the screen better? That's bad for your body and your creativity! The key to more well-being in the home office is therefore movement. Why don't you get up right now and continue reading this article while standing? Our desk attachments allow you to do this at any standard desk.

Standing up frequently is generally a good idea. Take a 10-minute break every 50 minutes, and use the opportunity to do a few exercises to boost your energy:

  • Stretch your limbs and enjoy the sensation.
  • Lie down for a moment and close your eyes.
  • Listen to your favourite music. Maybe it will inspire you to move your body to it and sway to the beat?
  • Get yourself a cup of tea or a glass of water from the kitchen.
  • Do a short round of yoga.

At home, in contrast to an (open-plan) office, you have a lot more ways to do something good for yourself. No one is watching you, your exercise mat or bed are not far away if you need them, and no one can stop you from extending your lunch break. Use your home advantage to the fullest!

Breathe fresh air.

The most important tool for your well-being is something you always have, and doesn't cost a penny: your breathing. In combination with fresh air, taking deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling, does wonders. You can calm yourself down (by breathing out slowly) or gain new strength and motivation when you are in a slump (by breathing in slowly). Try the following:

  • Go for a walk for 10 minutes at least once a day. Breathe down into your stomach and let your arms swing freely.
  • Air out your home office regularly to replace the stale air with fresh air. Pollen allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief with an air purifier.
  • Pay attention to your breathing throughout the day. Many people unconsciously hold their breath when an email arrives or take shallow, rapid breaths when pressed for time. This is counterproductive and only fuels the stress response.

5 practical tips for more well-being in the home office wt$

Make sure you have fresh energy.

Without a convenient coffee shop nearby, many people working from home skip lunch and only indulge in a quick sandwich between video calls. And worse: when good food is so far away, the sweets shelf is so much closer. Chocolate is tempting and easy to polish off without even realising it.

This is a typical trap, but can be avoided by eating healthy snacks instead and enjoying a light but wholesome lunch. What we eat has a big influence on how we feel. So make sure the food you eat in your home office gives you fresh energy. Keeping nuts, salads, whole grains, fruits and vegetables within easy reach makes it easier to eat a healthier diet and resist the sweets.

5 practical tips for more well-being in the home office wt$

Go offline regularly.

Those who work outside their own four walls have an easier time achieving a work-life balance. The act of travelling somewhere else means that you always know whether you are on duty or not. In the home office, however, work and free time are hard to distinguish. If you look after your child in the morning, you can sit down with your laptop again in the evening.

This flexibility comes at a price. After all, if you could be working at any time, you'll have to be available to take calls and mails all the time, right? No! Even when working from home, allow yourself periods in which you forget about work and let your mind wander. No one will hold it against you if you wait for a while to respond to an e-mail. Live and work to your own rhythm and take breaks to do your health and well-being some good.

Managers should remember to trust their teams and set a good example by doing the responsible thing and turning off their devices every now and then.

Would you like to equip your team working from home with ergonomic office chairs and other equipment to keep them healthy and relaxed at work? Take a look at our home office shop or simply ask for personal advice. We look forward to hearing from you!

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