3 reasons why repairing is worth it


If it’s broken, get rid of it? Wait a moment – in many cases, machines, transport equipment and electric tow trucks can be repaired, and it’s often a more economical option, both in the short and long term.

Here, we take a look at:

  • The advantages of repairing equipment;
  • How to work out if repairs would be worth it or whether purchasing a new product would be a better option, and
  • How to prevent breakages.

The advantages of repairing equipment

3 reasons why repairing is worth it wt$


Until some spectacular new invention changes everything, the fact is that producing something new requires energy, particularly in the case of large or complex machinery. Replacing small parts, on the other hand, saves both energy and materials and demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. In an era in which raw materials are scarce and the climate is in crisis, these are important arguments that you can use in your external communications. After all, consumers are increasingly concerned about sustainability.

Even if a new machine is more energy-efficient than its predecessor, it often takes years to offset the energy that was required to produce the new model.

3 reasons why repairing is worth it wt$


In many cases, investing in new, high-quality machinery or workshop equipment costs twice as much as repairs. You can therefore make substantial savings when you opt to repair instead of buy new.
But take care: assess whether a repair is worth it in the long term.

3 reasons why repairing is worth it wt$


Depending on how quickly a repair is carried out, you can also save precious time as compared with waiting

for a new piece of equipment to arrive – time in which you are not able to work effectively. Of course, this depends on who carries out the repairs and how quickly you can get the spare parts. Make sure you’re in good hands with a competent service partner.

Also worth bearing in mind: if the model is no longer available and you have to get a new, unfamiliar piece of equipment, this may mean that staff require additional time to learn how to use it. This can slow down your operations.

To repair: yes or no? How to find out

Repairs aren’t always the optimal solution. Sometimes it is better to replace the product.

The following questions will help you to decide:

Preventing breakages

Ideally of course, you’d prefer not to have to buy an expensive new product or pay for repairs. You can’t avoid these in the long run, but there are ways to prevent damage and keep your products going as long as possible.

When purchasing an item, keep in mind the saying “buy cheap, buy twice”, particularly when it comes to products that are regularly subjected to high levels of stress and strain. Here, it is worth investing in quality and longevity. During operation, it is important to treat the equipment with care and have it serviced regularly. This will give you the best chance of keeping your product running smoothly for a long time.

Spare parts and repairs at KAISER+KRAFT

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