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A leak can have serious consequences and endanger work, people and the environment.

This misfortune usually happens quickly – also in industrial environments. Things can go wrong everywhere where hazardous goods are stored, transported, handled or processed: hydraulic oil leaks, vehicles lose petrol or diesel or chemicals can spill out in an uncontrolled way. Slipping is one of the lowest injury risks here. Let's not even get started on irritations, poisoning, ground and water pollution or production downtimes. The dangers posed by substances such as oil, petrol, diesel, chemicals, acids alkalis or solvents are already well-known.

To prevent negative effects on employees and the environment from the offset, legal regulations and national and international environmental laws oblige companies to take suitable preventative safety measures when handling hazardous substances (safety obligation). With the right binding agents and products from KAISER+KRAFT for your leakage management, you can take informed measures to prevent risks in hazardous areas. Then if things take a turn for the worse, there is just one course of action. Contain leakages immediately, identify leaked hazardous substances, pick up the material safely and dispose of it in an environmentally sound manner.

As an absorbent specialist, we are happy to support you personally in finding the correct solution. Discover reliable absorbents for the prevention and emergency leakage products that can help you keep calm and bind dangerous fluids and protect employees and nature.



Critical areas and problem zones are present in every company – reason enough to make sure you are prepared with absorbent sheeting that you can use preventatively at the right places. Hazardous substances can be contained and absorbed effectively and with good results with the right equipment – before anything really bad can happen.

Our 100 % polypropylene fibre absorbent sheeting is ideal for preventative use in front of machines, on and under workstations, under potential leakage points such as valves, taps, outlets, etc. But even when drips or leak emergencies occur, you can take quick, simple and effective action.

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We offer this sheeting in various versions, qualities and formats. Choose according to the purpose required and hazardous material to be absorbed; choose from oil, universal or chemical absorbent sheeting. Whether its coolant, petrol, diesel, benzene, sulphuric, hydrochloric or acetic acid or alkalis that have leaked, thanks to the colour coding in blue, grey and yellow you can always find the right absorbent sheeting for every application. Simply lay out in place, allow to absorb and dispose of the sheeting in a suitable manner. Finished! The low unladen weight and the extremely high absorption capacity – up to 25-fold of the unladen weight – means that you not only benefit from lower material consumption, but also from low disposal costs: you only pay for the disposal of the absorbed liquid and not for the sheeting. Other advantages for you: The sheeting is dust-free, hardwearing and low-fuzz; machines and workstations are not impaired or made dirty. In addition the sheeting does not have to be swept up in a labour-intensive manner.

Spillage emergency sets

Quick help when it's needed: spillage emergency set.

SOS messages in Morse code, calls for help, waving arms frantically or stamping your feet wildly are all no help when a serious situation with hazardous substances arises in your company. Only one thing can really provide quick and effective help: a spillage emergency set.

Be honest – are you really prepared for an emergency? Every company that works with hazardous substances or stores them should have emergency equipment for taking up and disposing of leaked liquids.

Spillage emergency products protect your company from hazardous substances leaking uncontrollably, high disposal costs and production downtimes due to necessary cleaning times. Corresponding training courses and tests with employees are also sensible measures for avoiding errors and costs due to incorrect or improper usage.

With our spillage emergency sets you have everything you need quickly at hand for leakage “first aid”. In a carrying bag or in a mobile box you can find the necessary items such as sheeting, absorbent socks, absorbent cushions, mop cloths, disposal bags and gloves. Keeping a cool head also helps to ensure that a small emergency does not turn into a catastrophe. This is a huge help.

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Absorbent granulate

Speed is important. So is a good absorbent granulate.

Speed counts when hazardous substances leak. And the correct absorbent granulate gives you this speed advantage. The high absorbency of the granulate means you save time when removing liquids. On plant premises and in industrial companies, in production halls and workshops, in logistics companies, on motorways and streets and in fire brigades; on firm surfaces indoors and outside as well as on rough and porous ground and asphalt.

The universal absorbent concentrate can be universally used as an oil or chemical binding agent and is suitable for nearly every liquid, it is unsurpassed in absorbing pastes such as resins, varnishes or glues.

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The type III R universal absorbent granulate made from highly porous volcanic rock is a powerfully absorbent oil and chemical binding agent that is suitable for all industrial floors and streets and is also approved for use for public and company-internal roads. The universal absorbent granulate is ideal for soaking up oils and watery liquids, acids, alkalis and flammable liquid chemicals and also DEKRA-tested suitability for taking up biodiesel and impresses even in rainy weather with its very good absorbency. The Cork Sorb type I, II and III R absorbent granulate is our multiple prize winning, environmentally sound binding agent, that is perfectly suited to soaking up every type of spilled or leaked oils, solvents or other organic compounds on road surfaces, industrial floors and water surfaces. And as cork is a sustainable, 100 % natural, regrowable and biologically degradable raw material, this oil absorbent granulate is also approved for use in the foodstuffs industry. 1 kg Cork Sorb can soak up 4.8 litres of oil.


When keeping a lid on things isn't enough: flexible seals.

Anybody looking for quick protection against leaking liquids, needs to look no further than our flexible polyurethane seals. The can be used immediately, do not leak and thereby prevent dangerous and environmentally hazardous substances from entering the drainage system. The seals also localise leakages or prevent them from spreading. The malleable special plastic adheres optimally even on uneven surfaces, so that liquids cannot leak out underneath and are thus stopped immediately.

The seals are resistant to most oils as well as a large number of water-based industrial chemicals, can be easily cleaned with soapy water and can be reused. Sealing mats are excellent for sealing off plugholes, manhole covers or drains; barrier rolls are perfect for localising leaked fluids immediately or for diverting them. If the damage is great, it is possible to combine several barriers with each other. Areas in which leakages occur more frequently, can also be lastingly secured with permanent barrier rolls. The material is so robust that it can be driven over with standard commercial vehicles without problems.

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Folding sump trays

The practical interim solution: folding sump trays.

What do you do with things that you want to put down briefly or need to store elsewhere for a while during maintenance work: where do you put drums, machine parts, batteries and devices from which dangerous liquids can leak? How do you catch small overflows and leakages?

Simply put them in the folding sump tray! This flexible, quick protection against leaking liquids prevents dangerous and environmentally damaging substances entering the drainage system. Installation is not required – simply fold them out and put them in place. With just a few actions you have an exceptionally stable folding tray that reliably catches leaking or overflowing liquids.

And it can be folded away as quickly as it is set up – and can then be stored away to save space or transported away.

An example: Let's look at the folding universal sump tray: you can temporarily store drums, batteries or dirty machine parts. Such folding trays give you maximum flexibility with maximum protection in just a few moments. Pop-up emergency trays – as the name suggests – help you when an emergency occurs when working with hazardous materials. With leaks on vehicles, drums, hoses, pipes or machines you have uncomplicated help at hand in a mater of seconds: simply fold out, shake, put in place and you're done!

Many other folding emergency trays such as universal trays with drainage connections or the QuickBerm® trays that can be driven over by HGVs or pallet trucks in different sizes and models are also available. Have a look now in our online shop!

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Other products

On the safe side: prevention and leakage management.

Collection sheets for roof leakages: liquid dripping down from roofs, pipes etc. can be caught and drained off as required.


Belt oil skimmer : effective and efficient removal of tramp oils in cooling lubricant tanks, processing and chemical baths, etc.

Hazardous materials collection container:
ideally suited for collecting, storing and disposing of used oil binding agents (fleece, granulate), cleaning cloths, paint residue and other flammable and environmentally hazardous substances.

Absorbent cushion mats: absorbent cushions in a leak-proof, flexible PVC mat – ideal for use under leaking, dripping machines, pipes, lines, water cocks, etc. Contaminants cannot bleed through onto the floor.

The guideline for prevention and emergencies.

Request our free guideline now. And find out more on the right products for preventing and dealing with emergencies. To the guideline.


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