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The cleanroom chair series

Quality advantages - our cleanroom chair series offers:

Standard EN 100 015/1 (and henceforth IEC 1340-5-1) is applicable for the design of ESD industrial chairs.

The testing of industrial chairs according to this standard should ensure that such work equipment is suitable for furnishing rooms in which electrically sensitive components are handled.

The cleanroom chair series 666

Specifications of standard EN 100 015-1

(A) The surface resistance of the back rest and seat must be between 104 Ω and 109 Ω. The measured surface resistance of bimos products is approx. 106 Ω.

(B) The leakage resistance of the back rest and seat to the bottom resistor must be between 7.5 x 105 Ω bis 1012 Ω. The measured leakage resistance of bimos products is approx. 106 Ω.

Sealed upholstery

The upholstery is sealed from the inside out to prevent the blowing effect when weight is applied the upholstery. The electrically conductive, black vinyl cover is non-slip and also offers reliable protection and a secure hold for smooth cleanroom clothing.

Electrical conductivity

Our cleanroom chairs are largely electrically conductive and offer reliable protection against electrostatic discharge.

Tested in accordance with EN 100 015-01

Any electrostatic charges generated, which can destroy highly sensitive components, are safely dissipated through conductive flooring.