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Small dictionary of lighting terminology

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What does LED mean? And what's candela? Answers to technical lighting terms are explained concisely in this small dictionary.

Lamps & Lights

Halogen lamps

Due to the small dimensions of the bulb and the filament in a halogen bulb, precise light guidance is possible, which therefore helps avoid scattered light. The small bulbs, which are available in a wide range of different models, are used in industry and trade wherever concentrated light needs to be directed at one point.

Articulated halogen light
active green cold light comfort lamp

Cold light lamps

In many areas within industrial production, a uniform level of light intensity is required over an extensive area. Cold-light lamps that operate with fluorescent lamps are suitable for this purpose. This type of luminaire is used both here and internationally as the best type of assembly and machine lamp.


Light-emitting diode (LED). Light-emitting semiconductor component. The energy efficiency of today's LEDs now exceeds that of compact fluorescent lamps (energy-saving lamps) to a significant degree.

TAMETO LED system light
Large field magnifying lamp

Fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps are low-pressure mercury vapour discharge lamps. They can cater to approx. 70% of the total artificial light requirements, but consume only 50% of the energy used for lighting. They are comprised of a straight or curved discharge tube, the interior of which is coated with phosphors, with two tungsten filament electrodes are fused in at both ends.

Low-voltage halogen lamps

Due to their narrow beam of light, low-voltage halogen lamps allow precise focusing and optimum light guidance. They are particularly suitable for installation in very small lamps that create an accent by emitting an intense spot of light. Low-voltage halogen lamps are operated using a conventional (magnetic) or electronic transformer. There are different product series available, which are characterised by their suitability for either the commercial-professional market or the consumer market.

Low-voltage lighting for glass cabinets

Mini lifts, lift tables and more

Lightening the load



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