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Description of paper grades for cleaning cloths

The right cloth for every type of use:

Recycled grade:

These cloths are suitable for lightly soiled areas, removal of small quantities of oil or water as well as dust from hands and tools.

Hybrid grade:

This cleaning cloth consists of a layer of tissue (paper towel) and a layer of TAD grade paper. It can be used for cleaning soiled surfaces, particularly wet surfaces, cleaning tools and machine parts as well as for cleaning oil and grease off of hands and machines.

TAD grade: (Through air drying)

These consist of 2 layers of paper towels (tissue) bonded together with the fibre weave running perpendicular to one another. The individual layers are air-dried and enriched using a special process. This makes the cloth very tear resistant, highly absorbent and thus particularly suitable for wet surfaces. TAD-grade cloths can be used for the same purposes as hybrid-grade cloths. However, they are of significantly higher quality due to their exceptional tear resistance and highly absorbent nature.

Fleece grade:

Individual fabric fibres have been incorporated into these cloths. As a result, they offer the highest cleaning capacity of all cloths. Fleece grade cloths are extremely tear resistant and absorbent, and are thus also suitable for wiping up metal swarf etc. They can also be reused.

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