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Cyclone principle & nano coated filters

Filters with many features – more about the cyclone principle and nano-coated filters

Cyclone principle

The tangential air inlet in the container allows the pick-up of dirt without need for an interceptor. This keeps dirt from clogging the intake ports and prevents it from directly impacting the filter as well. The filter is protected from damage in this way and its service life is significantly extended. Extending the life of the filter helps the environment and saves money. Moreover, heavier particles of dirt are slowed by friction with the walls of the container and drop down to the bottom of the waste container. Therefore, the filter only has to catch the lightest particles. This results in an extremely long service life for the filter.


  • No blocking of the air intake ports
  • Filter is protected against damage
  • No loss of suction power
Cyclone principle & nano coated filters ler

Nano coated concertina filter cartridge

The nano coating is ideal for vacuuming industrial dust, saw dust, masonry-, drilling- and milling dust, quartz sand and similar materials. It also offers extremely high dust collection capacity.

The filter is made of a special, nano coated cellulose material and is distinguished by its exceptional separation efficiency.

Suitable for devices without automatic filter shaker.

Cyclone principle & nano coated filters ler

Please observe the statutory dust classes.

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