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Navigation search

In our online shop our product range is divided into product-related categories, irrespective of their areas of application. These categories facilitate quick searches and allow for the filtering of product specific properties. The guided product search using site navigation helps you quickly find what you are looking for.

Select the desired product category.

On the left navigation bar underneath the “Our product range” area, you can directly select the category you want by clicking on it. If you move the cursor over it, the direct navigation menu for the subcategories appears directly next to it.


Navigation search

Select the desired subcategory

The subcategories are listed for you in the navigation area on the left and, after clicking on the higher category, are shown once more as single image categories to its right. You can select the desired subcategory from either location - from the list in the navigation area or the image categories.


Category selection

Free text search

If you select access via the search window at the top of the page in the middle, you have the following search options: You can either enter text in the search field, e.g. the product name, or use the order number/item number for your search. This will yield an organised display of the search results with images, product descriptions and prices.


You can also call up a certain catalogue page. To do so, simply click on the field “Search term/Item number” and select “Catalogue page” and enter the particular page number instead.




Free text search

Entry options

Individual search term: Example: “platform trolley”
The search results display all items for which “platform trolley” is contained in the description. In the next step you will be able to filter the results (on the left side) according to the category and product properties you are looking for.

Multiple search terms: Example: “platform truck made of aluminium”
The search results display all items whose item description contains the terms “platform truck” and “aluminium”. If no item exists which contains all the terms, items which contain at least one of the specified search terms will be displayed in the search results. Connective words such as “of”, “and”, “or” are automatically ignored by the search.

Item number search: Example: 156000
The search results display the item with the order number/item number “156000”. The number can also be entered as “156 000-XX”, which is the format used in the print catalogue. The search automatically recognises the correct order number / item number.


Catalogue page: Example: 345
The search result shows an overview page which shows all the pictured/referenced items on the catalogue page as well as the PDF of the catalogue page.


– The search function does not distinguish between upper/lower case letters.
– “Boolean operators” such as AND, OR are not required. The logic for multiple phrase search queries is explained in “Multiple search terms”.
– The “Wildcard” function (search with wildcard character *) is not available. The * symbol is ignored.
– If you accidentally make a typo while entering your search term(s), your search will be automatically corrected or you will be asked if you meant something else.

The search results show the most relevant match first by default. However, you can also sort the search results alphabetically or according to price (ascending or descending).



Filter function

Depending on the selected product category and subcategory, different specific filter criteria are displayed which you can use to further limit and refine the search results.

For office cupboards, for example, you can further refine your search results with the filters “height”, “width” etc.




Filter function after search



The filter criteria are product-specific and are provided according to the respective subcategory. The filter criterion “Price” is available for all subcategories. When filters are used for a search, only items which also meet the selected criteria will be displayed. The search can be further refined for accuracy depending on the selection of filter criteria. It is up to you how many filters you select for a search. For example, if you are looking for an office cupboard at a price between €400 and €500 with certain dimensions, first select the “Cupboards” product category from the home page, then the subcategory “Office cupboards”. Then use the “Price” filter and enter the prices €400 and €500 in the corresponding field, and apply the additional filters “height”, “width” and “depth”.



Filters on the product details page

On the product details page you are also able to narrow down further what is displayed. This is especially helpful for products with a lot of item variations (e.g. colours or sizes).

However, this function is only available for the “Gallery” and “List” views.

To do so, just select two filter criteria at most above the items. The view of the items shown reduces automatically to the suitable products. The “X” symbol to the right can be used to remove the selected filters easily, resulting in all the item variations being shown again.

Removing a filter

To remove a filter from the left navigation area again, just click at the top on the “X” symbol of the selected value. If you would like to remove all the filters in one go, you can also do this with the “X” symbol next to “Remove all filters”. 

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