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Emergency sign

evacuation assembly point

  • Immediate orientation in the event of an emergency due to photoluminescent marking
  • Available in different versions
  • UV resistant – suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Photoluminescent emergency exit signs in compliance with ASR A1.3 are mandatory if no safety lighting has been installed.
With 55 mcd, our photoluminescent emergency exit signs are significantly over the minimum values required by DIN 67510.
Emergency sign, evacuation assembly point
Price / item (Ex. VAT)
from 52.90
Price / item (Inc. VAT)
from 63.48
Order quantity:
{"articleNo":"M2834107","name":"Emergency sign evacuation assembly point","baseProduct":"","productUrl":"/p/M2834107/","imageUrl":"/Health_safety_signs/Emergency_escape_signs/Emergency_sign_pdpsmall--000060995817_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
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Item no. / Description of item Delivery time: Order quantity: Price / item
aluminium, 400 x 400 mm
Item no.:  492372 10
Emergency sign, evacuation assembly point, aluminium, 400 x 400 mm
3- 4 Week Delivery
Ex. VAT 52.90
Inc. VAT €63.48
{"articleNo":"492372","name":"Emergency sign evacuation assembly point","baseProduct":"M2834107","productUrl":"/p/M2834107/","imageUrl":"/Health_safety_signs/Emergency_escape_signs/Emergency_sign_pdpsmall--000060995817_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Length: 400 mm Height: 400 mm Weight: 0.85 kg
{"features":[{"name":"Length [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"400","formattedValue":"400"},{"name":"Height [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"400","formattedValue":"400"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"0.85","formattedValue":"0.85"}]}
aluminium, 600 x 600 mm
Item no.:  492373 10
Emergency sign, evacuation assembly point, aluminium, 600 x 600 mm
3- 4 Week Delivery
Ex. VAT 92.90
Inc. VAT €111.48
{"articleNo":"492373","name":"Emergency sign evacuation assembly point","baseProduct":"M2834107","productUrl":"/p/M2834107/","imageUrl":"/Health_safety_signs/Emergency_escape_signs/Emergency_sign_pdpsmall--000060997480_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Length: 600 mm Height: 600 mm Weight: 1.9 kg
{"features":[{"name":"Length [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"600","formattedValue":"600"},{"name":"Height [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"600","formattedValue":"600"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"1.9","formattedValue":"1.9"}]}

Technical data

Type of sign standard
Conforms to ASR A1.3 / ISO 7010
Material aluminium
Colour green
Motif evacuation assembly point
Supplied assembled

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