Spill containment & control

Containing spills, identifying liquids, absorbing and disposing of them. Above all, when dealing with leaking hazardous liquids, the following is important: what has to go has to be handled safety and without damaging the environment. Our large range of absorbing agents has the right product if the worst comes to pass.

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Absorbent agents – absorbent sheeting and other absorbent agents

Waiting to see isn't an option in the laboratory and workshop when liquids start to escape. After all, many oils, alkaline solutions and acids present a danger to people and the environment. This is why professional leak management is of key importance for hazardous goods handling in companies in all different sectors. You'll find that KAISER+KRAFT has everything you need to ensure everything stays dry in every situation.

Prevention and reaction – the two pillars of spill control

Prevention is, as is well established, better than the cure. So too does spill control primarily aims to prevent liquids from escaping onto the floor in the first place – a preventive measure, so to speak. Also, should something end up being spilled, then hazardous substances need to be collected quickly and in full, or be removed, before they can cause any major damage.

You need the right absorption agents for both. You can purchase different versions of them from us, with everything from simple absorbent sheeting to a mobile emergency station with a full range of equipment available from us.

Absorbent sheeting for every requirement – highly absorbent and versatile

Absorbent sheeting is the be all and end all in leak management. The cloths might not exactly look spectacular, however they have a lot to offer. One absorbent sheet measuring 40 x 50 cm can absorb up to 1 litre of oil. Paper towels can't compete with that. The highly absorbent and lint-free absorbent sheeting is perfectly suited to be put down on surfaces as a preventive measure, or for removing any escaped liquids quickly and in their entirety. Furthermore, they are also suitable for cleaning sensitive machinery, tools and systems.

Which sheeting is the right one to use when is indicated by the colour:

  • Yellow is suitable for chemicals

  • Blue is suitable for oils

  • Grey is suitable for many different liquids (including weak chemicals)

The different colours are also decisive for disposal.

Along with this, the thickness and the structure of the absorbent sheeting matters. Open sheets with multiple layers are even more powerful than single-ply or reinforced versions. Would you like even more detailed information? Our Purchasing guide to absorbent sheeting and our FAQ on the topic allow you to learn everything important about the properties and uses of absorbent sheeting. And because you'll never really know until you try it out, you can also order a

free sample sheet


If you wish to place absorbent agents around machines, systems and other sources of danger, then absorbent socks are even more suitable than simple absorbent sheeting. You'll also find that we have the following:

  • Absorbent cushions for absorbing leaks from larger pipes, and for placing under dripping pipes or machines as a precautionary measure

  • Leak diverters that collect liquids dripping from roofs, pipes or other lines

  • Walk-on absorbent sheeting mats with different thicknesses and with or without barrier film

  • Flexible sump trays for filling or refilling drums containing hazardous substances

  • Absorbent concentrates and absorbent granulates for scattering, ideal for surface leaks and oil slicks

  • Belt oil skimmers for effective and efficient removal of tramp oils in cooling lubricant tanks, industrial systems and processing and chemical baths

  • Products for hazardous goods storage such as sump trays or hazardous goods storage cupboards

Prepared for everything with spillage emergency sets

As an alternative to individual products, KAISER+KRAFT also stocks complete emergency sets for leak management, which along with accessories are equipped with different types of absorption agents. The range includes small sets in a handy shoulder bag to emergency stations on wheels. The advantage: they ensure you have everything within reach should the worst come to pass. From sheeting to absorbent granulate and gloves, all in one place.

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