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Plunger can

yellow sheet steel

  • For moistening rags and cleaning cloths with flammable, corrosive liquids
  • Unused liquid drains back into container
  • With flame trap
  • Made of sheet steel
Pump with spring loaded impregnation plate, Ø 128 mm. Plastic protection ring.

Container made of zinc plated sheet steel, additionally powder coated in yellow.
Please verify compatibility of the containers before ordering.
Quality advantages
Suitable for flammable substances  Effect of the substances: can heat up in air at normal temperatures and ignite, or have a low flash point (< 23 °C), or form a hazardous quantity of highly flammable gases when exposed to moisture.
Suitable for environmentally hazardous substances  Effect of the substances: can affect water, ground, air, climate, plants or micro-organisms in a way that causes hazards for the environment.
Plunger can, yellow sheet steel
Price / item (Ex. VAT)
from 64.90
Price / item (Inc. VAT)
from 77.88
Order quantity:
{"articleNo":"M1014831","name":"Plunger can yellow sheet steel","baseProduct":"","productUrl":"/p/M1014831/","imageUrl":"/Hazardous_Goods/Small_parts_cleaners_cleaning_tables/Plunger_can_pdpsmall--000060119033_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
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Best price
capacity 1 l
Item no.:  714584 10
Plunger can, yellow sheet steel, capacity 1 l
10-15 Working Days
Ex. VAT 64.90
Inc. VAT €77.88
{"articleNo":"714584","name":"Plunger can yellow sheet steel","baseProduct":"M1014831","productUrl":"/p/M1014831/","imageUrl":"/Hazardous_Goods/Small_parts_cleaners_cleaning_tables/Plunger_can_pdpsmall--000060119033_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Capacity: 1 l Height: 208 mm Weight: 0.3 kg
{"features":[{"name":"Capacity [l]","normalizedName":"","value":"1","formattedValue":"1"},{"name":"Height [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"208","formattedValue":"208"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"0.3","formattedValue":"0.3"}]}
capacity 2 l
Item no.:  714586 10
Plunger can, yellow sheet steel, capacity 2 l
10-15 Working Days
Ex. VAT 82.90
Inc. VAT €99.48
{"articleNo":"714586","name":"Plunger can yellow sheet steel","baseProduct":"M1014831","productUrl":"/p/M1014831/","imageUrl":"/Hazardous_Goods/Small_parts_cleaners_cleaning_tables/Plunger_can_pdpsmall--AA00714586FF-01.jpg"}
Item properties:
Capacity: 2 l Height: 290 mm Weight: 1.1 kg
{"features":[{"name":"Capacity [l]","normalizedName":"","value":"2","formattedValue":"2"},{"name":"Height [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"290","formattedValue":"290"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"1.1","formattedValue":"1.1"}]}

Technical data

Diameter 178 mm
Colour yellow
Material sheet steel, galvanised and powder coated
Supplied assembled

Customer reviews

Plunger can
from 12-Apr-2017 | Netherlands Google Translate
Evaluation of the item with the item no.: 714584
Stevige en stabiele plunjer kan. plezierig in gebruik.

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