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The topic of sustainability is omnipresent. It can be hard to know where and when to start given all the potential ways to become more sustainable. One conceivable answer: here and now.

Getting to work and getting the job done – for example, by buying good products and using good services. We’ll always have good advice for you too. That’s the only way to make a success of it – or a good solution, as we say.

Measurable sustainability standards – with the Enkelfähig Score.

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We are Enkelfähig. With smart minds, clever ideas and sustainable and highly effective solutions, we do our best for a liveable future in which future generations can flourish. To work towards this goal, we make a conscious effort to be selective about which products we offer, how they are manufactured, and who delivers them. For you, this specifically means that you’ll find many Enkelfähig products in our product range that have been endorsed with their Enkelfähig Score.

The Enkelfähig Score helps us to ensure more transparency in the product portfolio and allows us to evaluate the three basic pillars of ecology, economic efficiency and social compatibility for each individual product. This makes it even easier for you to identify sustainability at a glance.

Working together for a liveable world: Our customer projects

Durability + Recycling

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Project Vishay Electronic

  • Flexible, can be expanded as needed
  • Easier to plan for future requirements
  • New components can be purchased as and when they are required
  • Old shelves were reused
  • On-site repair service


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Project Diakonie Ruhr workshops

  • A dedicated room was created for tasks where extra assistance is needed
  • This was done by dismantling and subsequently rebuilding the old prefab office
  • Expert advice was provided on workplace regulations
  • The refurbishments helped to save space and conserve building materials

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“Rather than talking endlessly about how to be more sustainable, let’s just get on and do it!”

Lisa Blumenstock
Sustainability Officer at kaiserkraft

Make good and sustainable purchases can be this easy!

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Sustainable alternatives in the Enkelfähig Shop

  • Ever-expanding range of sustainable products
  • Indicated by Enkelfähig Score
  • You always have a more sustainable option for your shopping basket
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Durable material handling equipment

  • Robust design for a long service life
  • Easy to maintain, so the equipment stays efficient for longer
  • Reduced weight thanks to lighter materials and new construction methods
  • Materials chosen with aim of conserving resources
  • Reduces the need for replacement parts or purchasing a whole new product
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High-quality workshop equipment

  • Robust construction minimises need for repurchasing the product
  • Durable so can be used for longer
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Creates an efficient and productive work environment

Together we can master any job

Services: it may sound a bit trite – but good service really does make the difference. Not only in terms of customer satisfaction, but also in terms of sustainability. We, of course, manage to do both. Simply hand your “service wish list” over to us, and we’ll take care of it.
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Genuine spare parts

Our genuine spare parts are manufactured using the latest production techniques, meaning that they provide high quality, a precise fit and long-term safety over their entire service life. Our parts are delivered to you fast and are quick to install.

Sustainability that you will benefit from
By providing genuine spare parts, defective components , for example, can be replaced instead of replacing the entire product. This reduces resource consumption and waste, and helps extend the product life.

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Assembly service on request

Our service concept is not only focussed on you – we think it even further. If you like, we can also assume responsibility for assembly of the products you ordered, and this in the office, workshop or warehouse: we’re talking about prefab offices, warehouse shelving units or common rooms. Our experts assemble and install shelves, cupboards, workbenches and much more professionally and thoroughly – after all, no one knows our products better than we do.

Sustainability that you will benefit from
Correct assembly
ensures optimal use and prevents untimely damage. So too does correct disposal of packaging waste enable valuable materials to be recovered and stops them from landing in environmentally harmful landfill.

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Despite the high product quality, defects cannot unfortunately always be ruled out. However, given that broken doesn’t necessarily mean ruined, we are happy to repair what isn’t actually functional any more. Should a repair prove not to be worthwhile, we will be happy to offer you an alternative product. Find out more here.

Sustainability that you will benefit from
Repair it, and don’t discard it: anything that’s broken should be thrown away? It’s better to wait a moment. In many cases, items can be repaired, and often a repair pays off in the long run. Keep reading here.

Products with long guarantees

Products made from recycled materials or for recycling

EcoVadis and the Suppliers’ Code of Conduct

How do we make our own supply chain more sustainable? How do we respond to customer expectations of more transparency when it comes to environmental, social and economic aspects within our supply chain?

By simply getting started – which we did back in 2013! Today, EcoVadis and the Supplier Code of Conduct make us pioneers and role models in the industry.

It was only in 2022 that we achieved the highest score in the categories of labour and human rights as well as sustainable procurement, which led to us being awarded our second gold medal under the EcoVadis certification. It was in 2019, by the way, that we received a gold medal or the first time, having been awarded a silver certification in 2017. This result puts us in the top 3% of performers and in the top 1% industry-wide.

We’re thrilled that our efforts to operate sustainably have been positively evaluated by an independent body once again. The sustainability ratings help us to continue improving in the fields of environment, working conditions, business conduct and supply chain. This all allows us to work together to identify potential for improvement while, at the same time, promoting transparent partnerships based on trust.

This much we can be sure of: we have chosen the best suppliers for us. Not only this, but also the best for you: in a sense, you are working with environmentally conscious suppliers by making purchases from us. Should this aspect complement your own CSR strategy, then it’s a win-win situation.

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It’s high time for a new world of work that is good for employees and even better for the business. Setting up flexible and adaptable workplaces and workspaces today will set you on course for tomorrow’s success.

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