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One hand washes the other

New location, new offices: In Autumn 2014, the textiles service provider CWS-boco moved into its new premises in Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt. Since then the sales and distribution department has been working happily in 1,800 m² of modern and ergonomic workplaces and social rooms – coordinated, planned and designed with the support of KAISER+KRAFT.

CWS-boco ler

CWS-boco was based in the Schierstein district of Wiesbaden for over 40 years. However, the capacity of the laundry there – 15,000 items of work clothing per day – had reached its limit, and they needed more space.

In order to expand further, a decision was made to move to a new location in Nordenstadt, where 200 employees now work and where, in the first stage of development, up to 20,000 textile items per day are washed in a highly modern laundry operation.

The sales and distribution department also moved to the new location. And this is where KAISER+KRAFT became involved. The two companies once again worked together closely to plan and design new office space for the sales team. KAISER+KRAFT had already shown itself to be a trusted partner to CWS-boco when they moved to their location in Neuss.

And how do your coordinate the complete new design of office space of over 1,800 m² with offices, conference rooms and a canteen? With a comprehensive analysis, detailed project management and numerous coordination meetings. A total of 49 office workplaces had to be set up. In this case, the focus was on ergonomics: All of the workplaces are equipped with electronically height adjustable standing desks. Add to this the cupboards, sideboards and everything else required for a professionally equipped office.

CWS-boco ler
CWS-boco ler

Only the delivery was complicated. All of the furniture had to be transported via a mobile lift from the outside and through the individual windows of the spacious office level – a masterpiece of logistical planning.

The effort was certainly worthwhile – in many ways. Not only Michael Barbian, regional operations manager at CWS-boco Germany is happy: “Thanks to the comprehensive consultancy services from KAISER+KRAFT, from the first step to today, we now have the office environment that suits us best.” The speed with which the project was realised is another sign of the good cooperation between the customer, KAISER+KRAFT and the suppliers. A mere nine months elapsed between the start of the project in December 2013 and assembly at the end of August 2014. A record breaking pace!

CWS-boco ler
CWS-boco ler
CWS-boco ler

Soap dispensers, entrance matting, ward laundry, service ...

CWS-boco Germany maintains its headquarters in Dreieich and is one of the leading service providers for innovative laundry solutions and textile services. The company employs around 3,500 employees in Germany and 7,500 worldwide. The international revenue of the company was around 751 million Euro in 2014.

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