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Vacuum cleaners, wet vacuum cleaners

Our vacuum cleaners don't just suck up the dust. We also offer wet and dry vacuum cleaners as well as suction units for industrial cleaning. Vacuum cleaners with more power, capacity and cleanliness.

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Vacuum cleaners and wet vacuum cleaners: Thoroughness redefined

The classic vacuum cleaner also has its right to exist in the workplace. But here we go to work with more functionality and greater performance. In addition, our dust and wet vacuum cleaners are not only at home on the floor, but also ensure that the removal of problematic residues and dust is particularly thorough.

What are the advantages of vacuum cleaners and wet vacuum cleaners for industry?

Each of our commercial models can be used as a classic vacuum cleaner to remove typical dirt from carpets or hard floors. In addition, however, industrial vacuum cleaners face greater challenges with greater functionality:

  • A higher suction power than models for private use for the treatment of larger and intensively soiled surfaces.

  • Durable and high-quality components guarantee daily usability with intensive continuous use.

  • Special filters for the dirt accumulation in industry and trade offer a higher cleaning performance.

  • Manoeuvrable mobility with a large radius of action is ensured by smooth-running rollers, longer cables and hoses and a more mobile design.

The models with a wet vacuum function are also capable of holding liquids that pose a safety risk on construction sites or during operation. These combination models can be switched from dry to wet operation without much effort.

When do I use wet vacuum cleaners, when vacuum cleaners?

Our information on vacuum cleaner selection and dust class will tell you why choosing the right equipment is based on careful consideration of application and usage needs.

Coarse wet vacuum cleaners are designed for picking up liquids, dry vacuum cleaners for different types of dust. The functions can be used with the combination units by simple switching without changing the filter and with attachments from the accessories.

The filter or the entire filter system determines which dust classes, particle sizes or liquid compositions can actually be absorbed. Typical examples are:

  • Chips, which occur in combination with oil containing liquids, are picked up with a chip extractor, which is able to separate solids from liquids.

  • Ash and other fine dusts require a vacuum cleaner with a large filter area, a high filter separation capacity and special properties if dust compositions hazardous to health or explosions are to be collected.

  • Coarse dirt and large particles require a high performance and a large capacity of the collecting container, above all.

  • Liquids require a wet vacuum cleaner, which is designed for neutral, chemical or oily liquids.

What does a HEPA filter do?

A High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA filter) has established itself as an important component of every vacuum cleaner. In the private sector it is about binding and filtering pollen and allergens from the air. When cleaning in industry, the filter ensures that polluting fine dust is not inhaled.

The EN ISO 14644 standard lists different filter classes that classify a HEPA filter for different requirements. Each filter in an industrial model meets these requirements and is ideally combined with a pre-separator. This extends the life of the filter and protects it from contact with liquids.

The practical additional feature ''automatic cleaning of the filter'' is marked with a pictogram on the data sheets of the corresponding models, which you will also find explained in our industrial cleaning guide.

We will be happy to advise you personally on our vacuum cleaners from brands such as Starmix or EUROKRAFT and accompany you through the selection process.

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