Demanding jobs, strong performance

Ergonomic equipment for better performance

To all warehouse staff, technicians, tradespeople, carers and construction workers out there: Show your work who’s boss! With ergonomic products designed to maintain and even boost your health and performance – today, tomorrow and throughout your working life.

Hard-working staff doing tough jobs deserve more than just any old equipment. They should be kitted out with high-performance products that take challenging conditions in their stride: everything from 80-plus decibels, to loads of over 200 kg, to spending nine hours on your feet, and from poor light conditions, to debilitating heat, to draughty warehouses. Get the equipment you deserve: the best products for healthier working.

Make light work of heavy loads!

With products for more power and comfortable movement

Put your left arm under your right arm and reach back behind you. Now pick up the heavy component and place it on the table using a rapid clockwise movement. Putting strain on the body isn’t necessarily a bad thing – in fact we need it in order to stay in good physical condition.

But when it comes to intense physical work, repetitive activities or tasks that involve maintaining a static body position, the level of strain placed on the body needs to be proportionate. Otherwise, these tasks may cause us physical damage, even if relatively little physical effort is involved, or only one part of the body is used. The good news: Our range of products that enable more comfortable movement and maximise muscle power offer an effective way of preventing this type of injury.

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Be a bright spark!

With products for better and clearer vision

Being able to see things clearly is always helpful, but in some places of work, it is absolutely essential: for instance in production, analysis, the electronics and metal industries, laboratories or watch-making. However, there is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to workplace lighting – rather, appropriate lighting solutions are developed according to the specific characteristics and requirements of the work process in question. We will be happy to help you find a solution that meets your requirements for crystal-clear vision in your workplace – after all, having the right lighting can be decisive in improving performance, motivation, occupational safety and quality of work.

This is why eye protection forms an indispensable part of workplace equipment: eyes need to be protected from metal and wood splinters, chemical fumes, splashes and UV light.

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Tell the noise to keep it down!

With products for more peace and quiet, protection and concentration

Of all the factors that can have a negative impact on our mental and physical well-being at work, noise is one of the most detrimental. Consistently high levels of noise – whether from machines or colleagues – decrease efficiency and concentration. Noise causes annoyance, stress, and has been proven to damage our health. Additionally, high levels of noise make it harder to hear acoustic signals, which increases the risk of accidents.

It’s all the more important, then, to be aware of the impacts of noise and the ways in which it can be reduced in the workplace. Our product range offers you practical solutions for noise prevention and noise protection.

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Make sure your staff can breath easy!

With products for a good interior climate and improved air quality

Plenty of issues that come up in the workplace end up simply vanishing into thin air. But some problems are caused by the air itself – or more specifically by poor air quality. This happens in rooms with lots of equipment and not many windows, for example. This has a negative impact on our performance and concentration levels, but causes other problems too. For example, dust and dirt particles from wood, flour or tyres can build up on machines, causing them to malfunction and require more frequent maintenance.

But never fear, we provide the equipment you need to combat problems with air quality. Another solution is getting fresh air during breaks or even taking your work outside for a few hours; here, too, we’ve got products to help.

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We’ll show the future who’s boss!

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Healthy jobs thanks to ergonomic workplace equipment

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Activate your superpowers!

Hear like a dog, see like an eagle, be as strong as a bear and feel as at home in the air as a fish feels in the water. Our product range offers everything you need to do this. And if you want to find out more, we’ll be happy to give you the information you need – so you’ll be as smart as a fox.