Electric and ergonomic lifting and transport equipment

Make it easier to lift, load and move goods from A to B

Electric transport equipment

Electric transport equipment
  • Handle heavy loads without wearing yourself out thanks to a maximum load of 500 kg, enabling you to work safely and ergonomically
  • Improved performance with the replaceable, rechargeable lithium ion battery: a fully charged battery powers the device for up to 8 hours
  • Rechargeable battery system allows for continuous operation: battery can be changed quickly and easily, enabling device to stay in operation 24/7

Platform truck

Platform truck
  • A range of different versions to suit every need: light, heavy, folding, with or without sides, mesh side panels, wood side panels, etc.
  • Flexible, stable transport aids: from light and agile (e.g. aluminium platform truck) to strong and robust (e.g. heavy duty platform truck)
  • If you have any special requests, EUROKRAFTpro can be customised to suit your individual needs

Stair climbing trucks

Stair climbing trucks
  • Transporting goods more safely up and down stairs and steps
  • Less effort required thanks to star wheels
  • Wide range of products, e.g. classic models made of steel/aluminium, folding stair climbing trucks, electric stair climbing devices

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Our NEO e-module

  • Continuous 24/7 operation enabled by replaceable battery system
  • Suitable for modular use – can be combined with eight truck types
  • Ergonomic – significantly improves productivity/efficiency
  • Modern Bluetooth technology means cable-free installation; uninterrupted fleet operation guaranteed
  • Powerful drive unit for up to 500 kg
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Genuine spare parts and custom models possible due our own production processes

Comfortable driving, lifting and lowering

Fork lift trucks

Ergonomics and material transport ler
  • Transport conventional and mesh pallets manually or using ergonomic-electric technology
  • Models with Quicklift can lift faster, saving time and energy
  • Transport and weight check in one

Drawbar stackers and high lift stackers

Ergonomics and material transport ler
  • A must for higher lifting heights and heavy goods
  • Lift and drive manually or with electrical assistance
  • Energy-saving lifting via drawbar or pedal

Scissor lift table

Ergonomics and material transport ler
  • Manual or electro-hydraulic operation and lifting
  • Always work at the right height
  • Can be moved manually or with the aid of electro-hydraulics

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Ergonomics and material transport mg$

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