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Barrier beams and access barriers provide more clarity for in-house and public spaces. These clear visual signals for paths and public areas help prevent accidents and unauthorised access, or warn employees about concealed hazards and identify danger areas. You'll be able to find a way to use barrier systems in your company as well!

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Barrier beams – clearer than the highway code.

Even if, in theory, every pedestrian, cyclist and motorist is familiar with the rules of safety and rules of the road, this doesn't mean that they always comply with them. If the opportunity arises, then a driver will quickly park somewhere where he shouldn't. Or drive into areas that are actually off-limits. Barrier beams from the product range offered by KAISER+KRAFT make it immediately clear which areas are open to access and which ones aren't. And that more explicitly than any traffic rule.

How do I use barrier systems on the company grounds constructively?

The biggest advantage of barrier systems, barrier beams and access barriers is the fact that they attract attention while at the same time regulate the traffic, and therefore movements, on your company grounds – without traffic lights, guards or constant patrols.

This is particularly important wherever you'd like to prevent clueless cyclists from using the footpath and thereby putting pedestrians in danger. A gate barrier forces them to get off and push their bikes.

Free parking spaces also desirable – usually among people not authorised to park there and who are looking for a convenient place to stop. A (lockable) access barrier allows you to ensure that only members of the company park their cars on the company grounds. This isn't just a question of convenience, as there are obvious insurance-related issues to consider as well.

Often neglected, but just as important, are barrier beams installed at a height: height limiters clearly indicate that trucks, buses and similarly dimensioned vehicles with large superstructures would unintentionally turn their vehicle into a convertible at this point – thereby endangering not only their load but also other people.

At the end of the day, barrier systems are another indispensable element of company safety – just like every other barrier and marking. You should, therefore, equip the corresponding danger zones with the appropriate diligence and always try and think of all potential sources of danger in advance.

Are there specific regulations for barriers and access barriers?

By principle, barrier systems are, as part of the company grounds, a component covered by the workplace regulations and operational safety requirements. Depending on the type of motor they feature or the function they perform, the same rules apply, in part, as for doors and gates.

In essence, each barrier must be installed in a way that guides people and vehicles in an appropriate way, clearly and visibly demarcate roadways and footpaths from each other, and all the while preventing any risks of collision.

This, in turn, suggests that barriers and access barriers are just one element of your safety concept, one which uses the corresponding markings, barriers and similar equipment to do everything to make dangerous areas visible and to prevent accidents.

If you'd like us to help you achieve this, then talk to us – we'll be happy to hear from you.

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