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Marking paint – show the limits
Marking paint isn't just used on sports fields to give the football team a playing field – it is also used for marking work areas in factories, paths through warehouses and parking spots in outdoor areas. A well defined colour marking functions primarily as a way to indicate directions. Arriving at your destination quickly and without getting lost is more important these days than ever. Deadlines and time pressure define today's working world and therefore make a clear indication of the direction indispensable. Optimised markings for routes and hazardous points make a decisive contribution to productivity and safety. Both in everyday work and in public life, it is also necessary to signalise any changes and any newly formed hazard points on an ongoing basis. These are not always readily identifiable and a clear and unmistakable application of markings is therefore necessary for safety reasons. Helpful colour markings applied using high quality marking paint is a good way of preventing accidents. Hazardous or specific areas are demarcated using colour markings, and made visible to everyone. KAISER+KRAFT has marking paint on offer in practical packaging units that, together with handy paint marking equipment, form useful standard equipment to have. Marking equipment and marking paint together ensure floor markings run straight, and create clear guidelines.

Colour markings – this way please
A clear line, applied as clearly as possible – this is the only way to ensure conditions are perfect. Long-lasting marking paint allows important places, hazard points and road sections to be identified professionally and permanently. KAISER+KRAFT can provide a suitable solution for appropriate markings for every problem with its extensive range of barriers and markings. Compiled in accordance with the latest economic and environmental insights, the products in the colour markings category provide an optimised range of products. Don't let any uncertainties arise and keep the roads clear. Set an unmistakable signal with help from KAISER+KRAFT. Make the most of our product range now to mark out important areas with long-lasting marking paint or to make barriers and markings easily visible and mount and apply them optimally in accordance with applicable regulations.

Coloured markings

All you need to take is some marking paint and a marking trolley to start making your mark: a lap around the football field, a jaunt through the warehouse or a circuit of the construction site. Important things are made easy and convenient to mark. You can find floor paint, manual marking equipment and entire floor marking sets here.
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Floor marking device
manual marking device with short handle
Ex. VAT 79.80
Floor marking device
manual marking device with long handle
Ex. VAT 85.60
Floor marking device
marking device with castors
Ex. VAT 152.40
Spray can marking device
variable line width
Ex. VAT from 127.70
Manual marking device
for floor marking
Ex. VAT 42.20
Colour line marking set
marking device, 2 cans of paint, snap line, chalk
Ex. VAT 191.10
Marking paint
contents 750 ml, pack of 6
Ex. VAT 184.10
Marking paint
contents 750 ml, pack of 12
Ex. VAT 353.00
Colour line marking set
PREMIUM marking trolley
Ex. VAT 314.00
2K floor coating
5 litre bucket
Ex. VAT 226.50
Floor paint
5 litre bucket
Ex. VAT from 143.10
Colour line marking set
BASIC marking trolley
Ex. VAT 158.30
Ex. VAT 132.50
Ex. VAT 72.70
Paint marking set
BASIC floor marking trolley with 1 can of marking paint in yellow and 12 additional cans of paint
Ex. VAT 234.00
15 items found
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