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Heavy duty cable duct


  • Made of rubber
  • Highly effective warning due to reflectors
  • Suitable for heavy vehicle traffic, up to 40 tonnes
Simple solution to protect cables, hoses or pipes against heavy vehicle traffic.
Any width can be produced by installing multiple elements next to each other in a row. Connector sets as an accessory.

Not suitable for passenger car traffic, as damage to the vehicle may occur due to the height of the cable ducts.
Heavy duty cable duct, standard
Price / item (Ex. VAT)
from 99.90
Price / item (Inc. VAT)
from 119.88
Order quantity:
{"articleNo":"M1035120","name":"Heavy duty cable duct standard","baseProduct":"","productUrl":"/p/M1035120/","imageUrl":"/Barriers_Bollards/Cable_covers/Heavy_duty_cable_duct_pdpsmall--000017511769_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
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for speed limit 25 km/h, black
Item no.:  116639 10
Heavy duty cable duct, standard, for speed limit 25 km/h, black
4-5 Week Delivery
Ex. VAT 99.90
Inc. VAT €119.88
{"articleNo":"116639","name":"Heavy duty cable duct standard","baseProduct":"M1035120","productUrl":"/p/M1035120/","imageUrl":"/Barriers_Bollards/Cable_covers/Heavy_duty_cable_duct_pdpsmall--000017511767_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Length: 500 mm Height: 80 mm Weight: 14.5 kg Cable duct diameter: 50 mm For speed limit: 25 km/h
{"features":[{"name":"Length [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"500","formattedValue":"500"},{"name":"Height [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"80","formattedValue":"80"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"14.5","formattedValue":"14.5"},{"name":"Cable duct diameter [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"50","formattedValue":"50"},{"name":"For speed limit [km/h]","normalizedName":"","value":"25","formattedValue":"25"}]}
for speed limit 15 km/h, black
Item no.:  116640 10
Heavy duty cable duct, standard, for speed limit 15 km/h, black
4-5 Week Delivery
Ex. VAT 159.00
Inc. VAT €190.80
{"articleNo":"116640","name":"Heavy duty cable duct standard","baseProduct":"M1035120","productUrl":"/p/M1035120/","imageUrl":"/Barriers_Bollards/Cable_covers/Heavy_duty_cable_duct_pdpsmall--000017511769_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Length: 600 mm Height: 113 mm Weight: 22 kg Cable duct diameter: 80 mm For speed limit: 15 km/h
{"features":[{"name":"Length [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"600","formattedValue":"600"},{"name":"Height [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"113","formattedValue":"113"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"22","formattedValue":"22"},{"name":"Cable duct diameter [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"80","formattedValue":"80"},{"name":"For speed limit [km/h]","normalizedName":"","value":"15","formattedValue":"15"}]}

Technical data

Width 500 mm
Colour black
Material rubber
Number of cable ducts 2 pcs.
Model standard
Supplied assembled

Customer reviews

Heavy duty cable duct
from 23-Oct-2017 | Germany Google Translate
Evaluation of the item with the item no.: 116639
Produkt ist ok

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