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Fits, moves and still has play

To get this result, you need a good tradesman. However, those who hit the nail on the head with the pliers obviously don't have the right tools. Without them, even the most professional tradesman can't do his job effectively. Each tradesman therefore has a personal tool kit handy – in his own bag, in a box or in a workbench or tool trolley. Only really good tools can pass the endurance test that professionals subject them to every day.

For professionals like this, and professionals like you, we offer tool kits that will meet any requirement. Maybe you only need a set of new ring spanners to round off your set, or you need a whole new tool kit that can be stored in its soft foam insert. Whether for the workbench or the tool trolley, we have the right tool kits for you. We only supply you with products that are excellent value-for-money, made by Vigor and Carolus – the secondary brands made by Hazet and Gedore.

It's your turn now – make it fit!

Individual tools and tool kits

When you need new or additional tools for your existing tool trolleys, boxes and cupboards, you'll be well served with our sets of loose tools. You don't need to think of anything else – select the set and you're done. The most important tools in each of these sets are selected in advance to satisfy practical requirements.

Tool kits in a soft foam insert (shadow boards)

The advantages of a soft foam insert for your tools are obvious: You notice anything missing straight away. The tool is safely stored. Our foam inserts are tailored exactly to the drawer dimensions of most of the tool trolleys, workbenches and drawer cupboards from our product range. Inserts with Carolus tools also provide the option of being shortened to the required width and depth quickly and easily using a utility knife (minimum dimensions W x D 485 x 345 mm).

The following tool kits with foam insert are suitable for EUROKRAFT tool trolleys:

The following tool kits with foam insert are suitable for QUIPO tool trolleys:

For tool trolleys made by other manufacturers, we also recommend these products:

The following tool inserts are suitable for EUROKRAFT workbenches:

For all other modular workbenches, the following products are available:

Do you have tools made by different manufacturers, and would like to design your own individual foam insert? You customised insert is just four steps away:

  1. Scan and send to us
  2. The shadow board will be designed by the manufacturer.
  3. We send you the PDF for approval.
  4. The manufacturer creates your bespoke board using milling and laser techniques.

If you have any questions, please contact us.