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Did you know that the Blue Angel is the oldest, best-known and most stringent environmental label in the world?

Having been founded in 1978, the Blue Angel has continued evolving over the years, and is now divided into four protective categories. A product that doesn't cause climate change can be recognised by “protects the climate”. The other categories are “protects the health”, “protects water” and “protects resources”. Only the best goods and services in a product group, considered from an environmental perspective, are awarded the Blue Angel. At present, there are around 12,000 products all over Germany which feature the Blue Angel, made by 1,500 companies in 120 different product groups. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, as an owner of the label, is even making efforts to elevate the Blue Angel to a criterion for public-sector purchases.

We would also like to offer our customers environmentally responsible and resource-saving solutions for the future, to give them the opportunity to structure their purchasing in a more sustainable way and help them better understand the ecological and social consequences of their purchasing choices. Because as one of the lead B2B companies in Europe, we are aware of our responsibility and are happy to undergo the complicated Blue Angel test procedure. In doing so, independence and credibility are guaranteed by the Environmental Label Jury, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, the Umweltbundesamt and RAL gGmbH. Discover our I-buy-blue product range now to make your purchases more sustainable.

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