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The advantages of registration for you

You only need to enter your personal data once if you have registered. This information is then saved and can be automatically retrieved for future orders. As a registered KAISER+KRAFT customer you enjoy even more premium benefits:


  • Quick ordering: After you have logged in and taken your shopping cart to the check-out, you only have to make one more click for us to receive your order.
  • Registered customers are also able to save a wish list for a later purchase.
  • You can query the status of your current online order at any time.
  • Have all the orders displayed from the last year and conveniently search for and sort them in the order history.
  • You can create order templates to include items that you often order. Quickly calling up the order template allows you to save valuable time.
  • Manage several delivery and billing addresses with your personal address book.

This is how to register

Registering is quite simple. Click on “Registration” which is located in the “My account” area at the top right.


You will be asked to enter a user name and a password in the form. Select a user name and a password that you won't easily forget. For security reasons, you must re-enter the selected password during initial registration to ensure you have not made any typing errors.

Next you will be asked to enter your personal data. Fill out all fields which are marked with an *. You can specify whether the address you entered is also to be used as the billing and delivery address. If you have alternate billing and delivery addresses, you can add them to your personal address book (in the “My account” area) at any time once you are registered and can define a default address which is then always preselected when ordering.

After registering successfully, your user name is displayed at the top right under “My account”. Please make sure that your user name has at least 6 and at most 50 characters. Your password should have no less than 6 and no more than 20 characters. You may not use any blanks or special characters (except: @ . - _)

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