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MAUL – Continuous board

cork surface, horizontal format

This infinitely extendable board system provides an endless amount of space. The standard module set (consisting of one start module and one end module) can be extended as required by simply adding extension modules.
The individual modules have an attractive, silver anodised aluminium frame with decorative, platinum grey plastic corners.

The standard module set is supplied with two sliding pen trays.
The eccentric brackets are a convenient, time saving aid for mounting, and can even be adjusted after attachment to ensure precise horizontal alignment.

For the horizontal format, the standard module set has external dims. of 2400 x 900 mm (width x height). The width of the set can be infinitely extended by adding 1200 mm wide extension modules.
The pin boards have a practical, pinnable cork surface.
A combination of the three different work surfaces may be used.
The combined use of vertical and horizontal modules is not possible.

Custom made models available on request.
MAUL – Continuous board, cork surface, horizontal format
Price / item (Ex. VAT)
from 99.90
Price / item (Inc. VAT)
from 119.88
Order quantity:
{"articleNo":"M1080138","name":"MAUL – Continuous board cork surface, horizontal format","baseProduct":"","productUrl":"/p/M1080138/","imageUrl":"/Presentation_And_Display/Pin_boards/Continuous_board_pdpsmall--00037313_kk.jpg"}
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Item no. / Description of item Delivery time: Order quantity: Price / item
standard module
Item no.:  510986 10
MAUL – Continuous board, cork surface, horizontal format, standard module
3- 4 Week Delivery
Ex. VAT 199.00
Inc. VAT €238.80
{"articleNo":"510986","name":"MAUL – Continuous board cork surface, horizontal format","baseProduct":"M1080138","productUrl":"/p/M1080138/","imageUrl":"/Presentation_And_Display/Pin_boards/Continuous_board_pdpsmall--AA00510986II-01.jpg"}
Item properties:
Model: standard module Quantity of panels: 2 pcs. Scope of delivery: 1 standard module and 1 end module, mounting material Board width: 2,400 mm Width: 2,400 mm Weight: 8.47 kg
{"features":[{"name":"Model","normalizedName":"","value":"standard module","formattedValue":"standard module"},{"name":"Quantity of panels [pcs.]","normalizedName":"","value":"2","formattedValue":"2"},{"name":"Scope of delivery","normalizedName":"","value":"1 standard module and 1 end module, mounting material","formattedValue":"1 standard module and 1 end module, mounting material"},{"name":"Board width [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"2400","formattedValue":"2,400"},{"name":"Width [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"2400","formattedValue":"2,400"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"8.47","formattedValue":"8.47"}]}
extension module
Item no.:  510987 10
MAUL – Continuous board, cork surface, horizontal format, extension module
3- 4 Week Delivery
Ex. VAT 99.90
Inc. VAT €119.88
{"articleNo":"510987","name":"MAUL – Continuous board cork surface, horizontal format","baseProduct":"M1080138","productUrl":"/p/M1080138/","imageUrl":"/Presentation_And_Display/Pin_boards/Continuous_board_pdpsmall--AA00510987II-01.jpg"}
Item properties:
Model: extension module Scope of delivery: mounting material Board width: 1,200 mm Width: 1,200 mm Weight: 4.03 kg
{"features":[{"name":"Model","normalizedName":"","value":"extension module","formattedValue":"extension module"},{"name":"Scope of delivery","normalizedName":"","value":"mounting material","formattedValue":"mounting material"},{"name":"Board width [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"1200","formattedValue":"1,200"},{"name":"Width [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"1200","formattedValue":"1,200"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"4.03","formattedValue":"4.03"}]}

Technical data

Product type extendable board
Finish cork
Height 900 mm
Colour of writing board brown
Frame colour silver
Frame material anodised aluminium
Supplied assembled

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