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HANNA Shelving unit

width 800 mm

The wide range of models means there are virtually unlimited options for designing individual office spaces.

Firmly bonded and dowelled furniture with rear panel with tongue and groove connection on all sides – allows use as a free-standing room partition.
Both with holes spaced at 32 mm for individual height adjustment of the shelves.
Steel plinth 45 mm high, powder coated.
Supplied fully assembled.
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Delivered fully assembled
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HANNA Shelving unit, width 800 mm
Price / item (Ex. VAT)
Price / item (Inc. VAT)
Order quantity:
{"articleNo":"M1168591","name":"HANNA Shelving unit width 800 mm","baseProduct":"","productUrl":"/p/M1168591/","imageUrl":"/Office_Furniture/Office_shelving_units_Bookcases/HANNA_-_Shelving_unit_pdpsmall--000025256524_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
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light grey
Item no.:  173495 10
HANNA Shelving unit, width 800 mm, light grey
Delivery time not known
Ex. VAT 285.00
Inc. VAT €342.00
{"articleNo":"173495","name":"HANNA Shelving unit width 800 mm","baseProduct":"M1168591","productUrl":"/p/M1168591/","imageUrl":"/Office_Furniture/Office_shelving_units_Bookcases/HANNA_-_Shelving_unit_pdpsmall--000025256524_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Body colour: light grey Shelf colour: light grey Worktop colour: light grey
{"features":[{"name":"Body colour","normalizedName":"","value":"light grey","formattedValue":"light grey"},{"name":"Shelf colour","normalizedName":"","value":"light grey","formattedValue":"light grey"},{"name":"Worktop colour","normalizedName":"","value":"light grey","formattedValue":"light grey"}]}
beech finish
Item no.:  173509 10
HANNA Shelving unit, width 800 mm, beech finish
Delivery time not known
Ex. VAT 285.00
Inc. VAT €342.00
{"articleNo":"173509","name":"HANNA Shelving unit width 800 mm","baseProduct":"M1168591","productUrl":"/p/M1168591/","imageUrl":"/Office_Furniture/Office_shelving_units_Bookcases/HANNA_-_Shelving_unit_pdpsmall--000025256525_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Body colour: beech finish Shelf colour: beech finish Worktop colour: beech finish
{"features":[{"name":"Body colour","normalizedName":"","value":"beech finish","formattedValue":"beech finish"},{"name":"Shelf colour","normalizedName":"","value":"beech finish","formattedValue":"beech finish"},{"name":"Worktop colour","normalizedName":"","value":"beech finish","formattedValue":"beech finish"}]}
maple finish
Item no.:  173517 10
HANNA Shelving unit, width 800 mm, maple finish
Delivery time not known
Ex. VAT 285.00
Inc. VAT €342.00
{"articleNo":"173517","name":"HANNA Shelving unit width 800 mm","baseProduct":"M1168591","productUrl":"/p/M1168591/","imageUrl":"/Office_Furniture/Office_shelving_units_Bookcases/HANNA_-_Shelving_unit_pdpsmall--000025256526_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Body colour: maple finish Shelf colour: maple finish Worktop colour: maple finish
{"features":[{"name":"Body colour","normalizedName":"","value":"maple finish","formattedValue":"maple finish"},{"name":"Shelf colour","normalizedName":"","value":"maple finish","formattedValue":"maple finish"},{"name":"Worktop colour","normalizedName":"","value":"maple finish","formattedValue":"maple finish"}]}

Technical data

Width 800 mm
800 mm
Height 2,221 mm
Depth 442 mm
Material chipboard, melamine coated
Article shelf unit
Series HANNA
Number of shelves 5 pcs.
Shelf material chipboard, melamine coated
Shelf thickness 25 mm
Number of lever arch file heights 6 pcs.
Shelf height adjustment increments 32 mm
Thickness of body 19 mm
Thickness of rear panel 8 mm
Plinth height 45 mm
Panel thickness 25 mm
Supplied assembled
Weight 68.5 kg

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