Secure. Ergo. Eco.

The Ecogrip® floor protection mats will save you money on having to get floor coverings repaired. They prevent pressure marks on carpeted floors and scratches in laminate. The floor mats are guaranteed not to slip away from underneath you, because they have nubs to anchor them to carpeted floors, and an anti-slip coating for hard floors. If you don't want to conceal decorative floor patterns or tiles, then purchase your floor protection mats as a transparent version. Because office chairs are easier to move on the floor protection mats, the ergonomic functions of the chairs are more effective, because the mechanical components function better on a desk chair mat. The production of Ecogrip® floor protection mats undergoes regular monitoring and is certified by TÜV. The protective mats can be highly recommended from an ecological perspective. They are free from substance hazardous to health and are 100% recyclable, because they are made of polycarbonate. By the way, did you know that polycarbonate is made, among other things, of discarded CDs and DVDs?