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Steps – safe helpers
Steps, ladders and scaffolds are useful and important aids in the office and in the warehouse. They should be available everywhere that files and materials are stored in tall cupboards and shelf compartments. Folding steps or a step ladder are also helpful on construction sites and in places requiring work to be carried out in high places, in order to allow accident-free and good work to be performed. Steps also contribute their share to occupational safety. Employees who have steps or a small step ladder at their disposal at all times are not tempted to stand on wobbly stools, or even office chairs or desks, to be able to reach the upper cupboard compartments. This means the availability of step stools and small ladders also contributes to accident prevention. Steps from our online shop satisfy the required safety regulations and are made of robust and durable materials. This is why you receive a long guarantee of up to 15 years for ladders and step ladders. The online shop offers a wide range of steps, folding steps and step ladders for all sorts of occasions.

Working platforms, ladders and scaffolds for production and construction
Folding step ladders are available for mobile work assignments, with railings for additional safety, and are made of different materials that can be adapted to different environments. Explore the large range of working platforms, ladders and scaffolds that our webshop can offer you, and equip your employees with the corresponding means of ascent. Steps like these help you to increase the safety of your employees and ensure a high quality of work. Employees that can reach machines more easily with the aid of a working platform obtain a better overview when performing repairs and have safe access to the assembly point. Steps, ladders and scaffolds used by tradesmen are also an important prerequisite for employee safety and ensure positive performance on the job. The matching steps and working platforms can be found here online. Step in to take a look, one step after another.


More freedom, more simplicity, more safety. Steps are the practical and safe helper for everyday work and are compact and fast to use. Featuring a large platform, steps also provide safe and comfortable footing.
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Ex. VAT from 597.00
EUROKRAFT - Machine step, mobile
with steel grate steps
Ex. VAT from 353.00
Ex. VAT from 545.00
Plastic steps with non-slip step surface
washable, tested in accordance with EN 14183:2003E
Ex. VAT from 73.90
QUIPO - Modular platform system
long platform extension
Ex. VAT from 744.00
QUIPO - Modular platform system
short platform extension
Ex. VAT from 468.00
Ex. VAT from 510.00
Aluminium step ladder
steps 80 mm deep
Ex. VAT from 69.00
Stair platform
step width 600 mm
Ex. VAT from 885.00
Stair platform
step width 800 mm
Ex. VAT from 924.00
Stair platform
step width 1000 mm
Ex. VAT from 985.00
Work platform
tubular steel, steps made of ribbed aluminium profiles
Ex. VAT from 215.00
Folding steps
aluminium, step depth 80 mm
Ex. VAT from 338.00
Ex. VAT from 133.70
Ex. VAT from 69.00
EUROKRAFT - Work platform module
standard module, 2-steps
Ex. VAT 186.40
Ex. VAT 84.40
Ex. VAT 97.30
Ex. VAT 105.60
Ex. VAT 111.40
EUROKRAFT - Crossover module
module length 1000 mm
Ex. VAT 154.80
Ex. VAT from 69.20
Steel steps
standard model
Ex. VAT from 118.40
Steel steps
with hand rail
Ex. VAT from 140.60
Steel steps
with hand rail and 2 rubber castors
Ex. VAT from 161.80
Aluminium working platform
platform LxW 1300 x 290 mm
Ex. VAT 356.50
Multi-purpose step ladder
platform height 500 mm
Ex. VAT 396.00
Plastic steps
non-slip steps, washable
Ex. VAT from 73.90
EUROKRAFT - Heavy duty machine steps
STANDARD, max. load 300 kg
Ex. VAT from 178.20
Ex. VAT from 206.00
Ex. VAT from 286.00
Ex. VAT from 309.50
Ex. VAT from 316.50
Ex. VAT from 292.00
Ex. VAT from 439.50
EUROKRAFT - Mobile ladder steps
with phenolic plywood panel
Ex. VAT from 358.00
Ex. VAT from 402.50
Machine step, mobile
2 fixed castors, hand rail on one side
Ex. VAT from 422.00
Ex. VAT from 172.30
Ex. VAT 233.50
Ex. VAT from 57.50
Ex. VAT 129.00
Ex. VAT from 338.00
Aluminium work platform
ribbed aluminium steps
Ex. VAT from 219.50
Aluminium work platform
steel mesh grid steps
Ex. VAT from 303.50
Ex. VAT 130.20
73 items found
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