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The boltless shelving unit: For everyone who likes it easy

Shelves are available in abundance – for you, this means a flood of information and a product range that is hard to keep track of. But that's what we are for! We will help you to find a suitable shelf. We know: Your expectations of the shelving unit are crucial. Because ultimately, they determine which shelves you need.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about boltless shelving units – the advantages, the areas of application and the service you can expect from KAISER+KRAFT. Of course, we also advise you personally!

No matter what type of shelf unit you prefer, you should answer these questions before purchase:

  • What should be put in storage? How often do the type of goods in storage change?
  • Are they particularly heavy or bulky goods?
  • Do you need a single shelf unit, or would you prefer an entire shelf unit system?
  • How much space is there in the room where the shelf unit is to be set up?
  • How much storage space do you need?
  • What processes occur around the shelf? Is it unloaded and loaded frequently? How many employees work at one and the same shelf unit at the same time?

What makes a boltless shelf unit a boltless shelf unit?

A boltless shelf unit consists of these three components: Frame parts, shelves and cross struts. As the name suggests, the individual parts are simply and quickly plugged together. Find out which components you need for which assembly method here:

Components of a standard shelf unit

Standard shelf units consist of two frame parts, two cross struts and any number of shelves. The diagonal cross braces ensure that the shelf remains stable, and are attached to the back of the shelf unit.

The components of an extension shelf unit

Extension shelf units only have one frame section, allow them to be attached to a standard shelf unit – and they only have one strut. The shelves are placed on shelf supports both in the case of the standard shelf unit and the extension shelf unit.

Single rows of shelves or double rows of shelves

Thanks to this modular system, you can extend boltless shelving units with any number of extension shelf units. There are many possibilities open to you: Use boltless shelf units, for example, next to each other, or as a shelf row, or place two shelves with their backs to each other as a shelf row that is accessible from two sides.

(Single) boltless shelf units for use on two sides

Single boltless shelf units that can be used on both sides are a good investment for all those who need shelf units that can be used on both sides but do not have sufficient space for double-sided rows of shelves. These can be secured in place using reinforcement beams instead of diagonal cross struts. Instead of the shelf supports, the shelves can also be placed on bracing reinforcement beams. The number of reinforcement beams depends on the shelf height unit and the maximum load.

Create your boltless shelf unit now!

Depending on the manufacturer or model, you have innumerable options for modelling your shelf according to your ideas. For example, change shelf load, bay load, overall width, overall depth, floor depth, floor width, weight, shelf unit type, number of shelves or select your preferred colour – we allow you to choose from the entire RAL colour range!

Incidentally: You will find our boltless shelving units here!

Boltless shelving units: Applications

When it comes to the location at which boltless shelving units will be used, there are no limits – whether in warehouses, workshops, businesses, archives, production areas or basements. As a general rule, you can use boltless shelving units wherever shelf units are needed. And what about offices, sales areas or entrance areas? That's a different matter. The appearance of the boltless shelving units is possibly not the most appealing – the boltless shelving units certainly won't win a beauty pageant... But you can adapt it to your visual requirements: How about a boltless shelving unit in your company colour, or in a RAL colour of your choice? We make it possible.

Boltless shelving units for hygienic areas:

You can also purchase boltless shelving units from us for hygiene areas, such as kitchens, cold storage rooms, laboratories or laundries. These boltless shelving units have a hygiene coating that is suitable for foodstuffs and is condensation-proof, or sometimes even an antibacterial hygienic coating that neither forms bubbles nor loses its shine. They are also temperature resistant from -20 °C to +40 °C.

You will find our boltless shelving units here.

The 5 top advantages of the boltless shelving unit

The boltless shelving unit is, generally speaking, the king among the shelving units. Why? Because it can do so much! We have listed the five top advantages for you here – see for yourself:

1) Easy self-assembly:

Thanks to the plug-in system, boltless shelving units can be assembled very quickly and easily – without needing any tools at all. An additional bonus: This means that employees' working hours do not increase, and production times can be adhered to.

Tip: A folding ruler and rubber hammer are practical assembly aids.

2) Efficient versatility:

Boltless shelving units can be extended and combined with other extension shelf units as required. You can either use individual shelf units, a combination of several boltless shelving units, or complex shelf unit systems that fill an entire warehouse.

3) High load capacity:

Boltless shelving units are very dependable, despite the plug-in system. A normal EUROKRAFT boltless shelving unit system, for example, has a maximum shelf load of up to 200 kilograms. Anyone who needs something a little more robust is well advised to use heavy-duty boltless shelving units!

4) Optimum use of space:

Since boltless shelving units are very variable in terms of maximum shelf load, maximum bay load and the number of shelves, you can use every square centimetre of your new shelving unit. Simply adapt the respective modules to your requirements.

5) Spontaneous adaptation:

Boltless shelving units particularly pay off when the items in storage are changed frequently, because they can be quickly and easily converted and adapted. For example, the height at which the shelves are to be suspended is your choice – even following assembly.

There are even more advantages to EUROKRAFT boltless shelving units:

  • At least 10 years’ guarantee
  • 5 year re-ordering service
  • Custom made models available
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