Justrite Chemicals storage cupboards

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Justrite hazardous goods storage cupboards – more than just a precautionary measure!

Hazardous goods storage cupboards play a central role in your operating concept for handling hazardous goods. They not only optimise storage, but also offer numerous precautionary measures for a potential emergency. This is, at least, true if you choose Justrite safety cabinets. The cabinets, which are compliant with the international FM safety standard, feature details such as self-closing doors, ventilation systems and safety symbol stickers. By supplementing the European requirements for the storage of hazardous goods, Justrite hazardous goods storage cupboards prove their value every day.

There's no question about it: safety is a job for professionals. Justrite has been a leading brand in environmental protection for companies and businesses since 1906. The product range extends far beyond hazardous goods storage cupboards. Whether it's pedestal ashtrays for your outdoor areas or Justrite sump trays – this brand will always provide uncompromising quality with an eye for practicality.