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The challenge of working at height

You should always make sure that your ladders and scaffolding comply with the standards. Only this way are you covered by insurance should an incident occur. To be considered safe, ladders and scaffolding must satisfy certain prerequisites. Our category shows you which standards apply for which climbing aids.

>> Ladders and scaffolding

It's all about the base

Working platforms are not particularly high, and their surface area is usually pleasantly wide. This in itself offers a feeling of being safer than on ladders and steps. Even more important than the width of the surface to stand on is the material. There are platform surfaces suitable for different environments. Our working platforms category informs you about all the different options available.

>> Working platforms

Knowing the dangers

When mobile access towers are used, they not only need to be manufactured in compliance with the EN standard. Safe conduct by employees using the scaffolding modules is also particularly important. Company regulations in which employees are informed of potential sources of danger and vital rules can help to create the attentiveness required. The scaffolding category tells you more about these rules of conduct – from set-up to use and even transport.

>> Mobile access towers

The right angle

Industrial stairs need to adhere to certain dimensions and angles of inclination in order to remain compliant with standards. Depending on the site in which the stairs are used, it is important that they are fireproof, weatherproof or chemical resistant. Find out what makes industrial stairs safe to use in the corresponding category.

>> Industrial stairs

Secure rungs

Ladders must be inspected once a year, and satisfy certain specifications according to type. Among other topics, we look into the amended guidelines for lean to ladders more than 3 metres in length in the ladder category. However, avoiding accidents is not just a matter of compliance with the testing obligation defined in the EN 131 standard, but also requires knowledge of the user guidelines.

>> Ladders

A steady footing

The EN 14183 standard specifies how steps need to be made for them to be considered safe for company use. The steps category contains information on the most important regulations covering the design of these climbing aids.

>> Steps


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