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New innovation in impact protection!

There has recently been an innovation in impact protection. Flexible impact protection products made from a special polymer-based plastic are available as an alternative to the well known solutions made from steel.
You can see the new impact protection products in use in the following video:

How they work

The individual components of these systems use a special plastic, which enables a crash guard to return to its original form after a collision. Due to this so-called “memory effect”, repair and maintenance costs are reduced. Conventional steel versions are damaged and deformed after a collision and must subsequently be repaired or even replaced. Impact protection products made of plastic eliminate this cost. An investment in these flexible solutions quickly pays for itself through the
prevention of damage to building components and transport vehicles. Another advantage is the long service life of the products and that there is no need for repairs and additional paintwork due to damage, as is required for steel solutions.

Easy assembly

We would also like to emphasise how easy it is to install the individual modules and that many items are available cut to individual lengths. This enables optimum protection for every application. Mounting anchors are generally included with delivery – no welding work or other expensive or laborious installation procedures are required.

Striking colour scheme

The impact protection solutions are supplied as standard in warning colours black/yellow, some products are also available in grey. The black/yellow colour of the flexible impact protection solutions perfectly matches existing industrial impact protection products and thus increases the awareness of personnel and indicates dangerous areas. As an alternative to conventional crash barrier rails for car parks, roadway barriers etc., flexible crash barrier rail systems made of the special polymer-based plastic are also available in grey.

All advantages at a glance

The material is deformed in a collision and then returns to its original shape No repair work is required after collisions Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Good warning effect when used as company internal impact protection due to the striking, luminous colour scheme, alternatively available in grey as well Easy assembly, supplied complete with mounting material



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