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Important information about swivel chairs - sitting advice

What is a good office swivel chair?

The right office swivel chair is characterised by the optimum combination of seat, back rest, mechanics and arm rests. Depending on how you plan to use the chairs, these components need to be harmonised with each other. To prevent back problems, choosing the right chair is essential. Over time, the consequence of sitting on the wrong type of chair is enormous.


We have determined 4 different user groups for you to help select the proper office swivel chairs.

1. Standard swivel chairs

For occasional sitting at work, for example, for alternating or occasionally used workstations. Low price solutions are the emphasis here. The standard equipment, seat height adjustment and back rest tilt are usually sufficient in this case.

Back rest height adjustment

Back rest incline adjustment

Lumbar support

2. Ergonomic swivel chairs

For people who require a special chair for health reasons. It is important to start using these types of chairs early on. The hips are supported by the inclined seat with these swivel chairs, which limits rotation of the hips. Lumbar support provides additional support for the lower back so that the spinal column is brought into the natural S-form and strain is kept to a minimum. The movable, open seat angle which automatically brings the body into a straight posture is also important.

Back rest height adjustment

Ergonomic moulded seat

Synchronous / permanent contact mechanism

Lumbar support

Adjustable counter pressure

3. Operator swivel chairs

For workstations where work is mostly performed while sitting, for example, at clerical or computer workstations. Sitting for long periods of time places high demands on a swivel chair. Mechanics are particularly critical. The synchronous mechanism allows you to sit dynamically. The back rest constantly follows the upper body and reduces strain on the spinal column. The higher the back rest, the more the strain is reduced. The arm rests have an additional supportive function.

Back rest height adjustment

Synchronous / permanent contact mechanism

Armrests, adjustable height if possible

Adjustable counter pressure

Lumbar support

4. Executive armchair

The elegant option for the executive office. The soft upholstery makes sitting a pleasant experience, even when working late into the night. The high back rest and arm rests support the entire upper body. The centre of gravity is displaced by the rocker mechanism. The appropriate visitors' chairs can also be found in this section.

High back rest

Soft upholstery

Rocker mechanism

Arm rests

Adjustable counter pressure

Information on how to sit on office swivel chairs properly

Follow this advice to maintain a correct sitting posture:

The correct chair height
The correct chair height is achieved when your knees are at 90° (right angle) or greater with your feet flat on the floor.

The seat position
The entire seat pan up to the back rest must be used when sitting properly. You should change your sitting posture frequently. This calls for active sitting and reduces headaches, backaches, heart problems and circulatory problems.

The arm rests
Arm rests help to further reduce strain on the body. They reduce strain on the shoulders when sitting for longer periods of time. Height adjustable arm rests allow for optimum positioning to suit individual body size. Not generally recommended for work on a keyboard.

The back rest
A gentle counterpressure from the back rest should be felt in every sitting position. If the back rest is too soft, it does not provide the necessary support. If it is too hard, your sitting position will be rigid and uncomfortable.

The frame
All swivel chair models are equipped with a safety gas pressure spring for adjusting the height as well as with a robust 5-star base.

The castors
The swivel castors are designed for carpeted floors as standard. Castors for hard floors are available at a minimal extra cost. The castors brake under load in accordance with DIN EN 12527 + DIN EN 12529.

DIN EN 1335 applies for all office swivel chairs. It specifies sizes, usage characteristics and testing procedures for office swivel chairs. Safe cushioning is ensured with a safety gas pressure spring. A 5-star base prevents tipping.

The correct seat

The standard seat
Comfortable sitting does not have to be expensive. Ergonomically shaped and upholstered seat in a plastic shell.
The moulded seat
Comfort, even for prolonged sitting. Deep and wide shell shape with additional pelvic support.
The contoured seat
A better way to sit for prolonged periods. The front part of the seat is shaped so that the entire seat pan is used. The rear part of the seat slopes steeply up and effectively supports the hips.
The ergonomic seat
Comfortable and healthy sitting - every day. The front part of the seat is shaped so that the entire seat pan is used. The rear part of the seat slopes steeply up and effectively supports the hips.
Seat height adjustment
The seat height is adjusted via a gas spring, which enables individual seat height. The optimum angle for correct posture is 90° between the lower leg and the thigh.

Seat mechanics

Permanent contact
Ideal for active sitting. The back rest constantly follows the movements of the upper body. This relieves strain on the spinal column. Permanent contact is particularly effective in conjunction when counter pressure is adjusted for individual body weight.
Synchronous mechanism
The synchronised mechanism facilitates a simultaneous adjustment of the seat and back rest to the movement patterns of the person sitting on the chair. Both parts move synchronously, in specific relation to each other. As with permanent contact, it is advantageous to be able to adjust the mechanism for individual body weight. Its advantages are most effective when combined with an ergonomic seat and a high back rest. Based on the dynamic sitting aspect of this system, it is possible to incorporate a locking mechanism, however, this is not essential.
Rocker mechanism
With this system, the angle between the seat and back rest is static. The possibility to make individual adjustments for body weight also makes sense in this case. You can lock the position of the chair horizontally.
Knee rock mechanism
The mechanism operates similar to a knee joint when leaning backward. The feet remain on the floor and the entire seat lowers downwards towards the back. Seat inclination can be adjusted to individual body weight.
Adjustable seat inclination
An additional feature which is particularly useful for persons with problems in the lumbar region. The inclination of the entire seat can be variably adjusted so that the seat can support the hips better through the angle it makes. The back rest can be adjusted independently.

The back rest

Back rest height
The back rest supports the spinal column in order to effectively relieve strain on the musculature and skeletal system. When an incorrect sitting position is maintained for a period of time, posture can be negatively affected by the force exerted on the spinal column. The height of the back rest should be selected according to specific functional criteria. A low back rest is sufficient for daily sitting up to 2 hours. A medium height back rest is recommended for sitting up to 4 hours and a high back rest for more than 4 hours.

Lumbar support
This support is necessary in order to keep the spinal column in an ergonomically relaxed shape. The back rest is moulded to provide support in the lumbar region, which helps to prevent health problems associated with the spinal column.

Height adjustment
A gas spring is used for height adjustment. The seat can be adjusted with a lever to accommodate the respective body size.

For further information visit www.hse.gov.uk

Inc. VAT
Topstar - Swivel armchair
faux leather / microfibre
Inc. VAT
Topstar - ERGO POINT SY office swivel chair
with height adjustable ergonomic back rest
Inc. VAT
Topstar - WELLPOINT 30 SY office swivel chair
high backed chair with shaped foam padding
Inc. VAT
Topstar - ALUSTAR BASIC office swivel chair
with aluminium braces for the seat connection
Inc. VAT
Topstar - X-PANDER office swivel chair
mesh back rest with elastic rubber strips
Inc. VAT
Topstar - AIR SYNCRO office swivel chair
mesh back rest with padded side parts
Inc. VAT
Topstar - PROFI NET 11 office swivel chair
height adjustable arm rests with soft padding
Inc. VAT
Inc. VAT
Topstar - SITNESS 40 stool
3 dimensional motion
Inc. VAT
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