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ABSORBENT SHEETING – Questions & Answers

Practical, low in price, highly effective: absorbent sheeting can be used for virtually any leakages, as a preventative measure or in an emergency. Use our FAQs to inform yourself about the advantages, application areas, versions and properties of this absorption agent.

How can you be sure that you have ordered the right absorbent sheeting from our range? Nothing could be easier: Simply ask us to send you a free-of-charge sample absorbent set (oil, chemicals, universal) to try out! (Note: Please specify which version of the absorbent sheeting you require.)


Which advantages does the absorbent sheeting offer me in comparison to cleaning cloths and wipes?

Which advantages does absorbent sheeting offer me in comparison to absorbent granulates?

Does the absorbent sheeting from KAISER+KRAFT make handling chemicals safer?

Does absorbent sheeting help me to protect the environment?

Areas suitable for use

Where is absorbent sheeting suitable for use?

Can I also use absorbent sheeting outdoors?


How do I find the right absorbent sheeting for my purposes?

Which absorbent sheeting is used to absorb which fluid?

Which quality of sheeting do I use for which purpose?


Am I obliged to have absorbent sheeting at my company when I am working with hazardous goods such as oils and chemicals?

How do I dispose of the saturated absorbent sheeting?

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