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My address book

As a registered user you are able to manage various addresses in your personal address book. During the order process, the address is displayed that you specified when you registered (contact address). If, for example, your order is to be delivered to a different address, you can choose it from your address book during the order process or change it.

Creating addresses

To create a new address, please click on “Create a new address”. You are then taken to the particular address form (invoice or delivery address) in which you can enter the new address.
Tip: Please give this address a meaningful name so that you immediately know which address is meant when you select it for your order.

Editing new addresses

To modify an address, please follow the “Edit” link for the respective address in your address book. An input box is then displayed with your previous data. You can make the desired changes there. Your changes are saved by clicking on the “Create address” button.
If there is a billing or delivery address that you no longer need, please click on the “Delete” link. After the deletion of the address is confirmed, it can no longer be found in your address book.

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