For us, it’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 365 times a year

One day is never enough.

There is no magic formula that tells you how to reconcile home office and home schooling. We, as an employer, don’t have one, nor do our colleagues – the ones who have been mastering the challenge of combining childcare, home schooling and their profession for over a year now. This challenge doesn’t require you to do a perfect job, and simply means doing it as good a job as possible. We’re now introducing you to four of our colleagues with children, and sharing their impressions of their new daily working life. They might even have some good tips for you!

Hello mums and dads – it you’re turn to have your say.

Do you have any tips for concentrating while working at home?

Babette Gabriel

Ms Gabriel, Order Processing

“After one comes two, there’s no point in going crazy. Have a soothing cup of tea, take a breath, go out into nature, listen to good music, exercise and you’ll feel much better!”

Order Processing, mother of 2 sons (11 and 18)

Christoph Klundt

Christoph Klundt, Product Manager

“I’ve decided that I need to be every bit as disciplined at home as I am in the office (the way I dress, the way I start work etc.), to just ignore my private phone, and to set rules for all family members (e.g. closing the door means: please do not disturb) – which, however, are not always consistently followed.”

Product Manager, father of 2 daughters (9 and 12)

Andreas Nille

Andreas Nille, Team Leader Facility Management

“Basically, having a plan for the day is the be-all and end-all. My wife has developed a great plan that combines periods of concentrating on work, taking breaks, and helping with homework, and includes time slots both for work and for the children.”

Team Leader Facility Management, father of twin daughters (9)

Christian Weber

Christian Weber, Sales Steering Manager

“A bright workplace with plenty of fresh air. If my wife is able to watch the children, I prefer to work in a different room.”

Sales Steering Manager, father of 2 daughters (2 and 4)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all KAISER+KRAFT colleagues for their good work. Whether on the premises, from home, or on the road. Special thanks, of course, to our colleagues who gave interviews. You are great!

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5 practical tips for more well-being in the home office

Remote working has long since ceased to be a provisional solution for many. Over the next few years, the home office will increasingly compete with the corporate workplace. That’s why it’s high time to get yourself properly set up at home, and develop routines that make working more pleasant. Let’s get off to a fresh start together this spring – with our tips for more well-being in the home office.

Woman relaxing in the home office

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